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1958 Auto-Car owner A.H. Dawson Billings Mt. NHRS 300, SQW rear ends, 5 speed main box with a short 5th over and a 3 way brownie and also had a Williams exhaust break.When new ran 11:22 General tires.Truck had a 22 foot body with a sleeper built into the front of the box and a 26 ft. fruehauf pull trailer. A.H. Dawson Auto-Car --Truck and Full Trailer Standford Mt. heading to California with grain --1958
A. H. Dawson A-car 1960 Austin Jct Nv. Heading to L.A. to get a new 60 inch Mercury sleeper $800.00 Buck WOW!!! A.H. Dawson Auto-Car New Mercury sleeper and a new 40 ft Fruehauf possum belly cattle trailer. Cattle to California and canned grocerys back to Billings Mt.
1953 Freightliner NH-335 10 speed "DIRECT " roadranger, SQW rear ends Bill Dawson -- 1953 freightliner Lookout Pass Mt '1958' Load of Purex going to Keil Grocery Co. Billings Mt
Portland Or. 1958 Swan island grain terminal driver " Doyle Turner". A. H. Dawson # 2 Freightliner truck and full trailer Cargill Grain Terminal Seattle Wa. A. H. Dawson #5 1954 KW cabover Loading cattle for Califorina at Billings Mt.
NH-262 4 & 3, sqw rearends
South of Oakland Ca. when it was 2 lane to San Jose New Fruehauf trailer with side panels. Loaded with canned grocery headin back to Montanaaa. Lost Trail Pass Mt . Heading to "Sunny" Ca Winter "1962 ". In the late 60`s Dad toke over B & B truck lines This was a local cattle hauling co.At that time B&B had 4 trucks that ran !! straight trucks to 48 ft trailer at that time.
This KW was a 1950 model 4 & 3 NH 262 In 1970 started a hole new B&B operation.
First new truck at B & B truck Lines Billings Mt. 1970 GMC 8v71 with a 13 speed
Jack Dawson-- pictured
B & B on a cattle move in MT. B & B trucking Reno Nv. hauling "SHRINE BLACK HORSE PATROL" BIlling Mt
Nice 1970 GMC Astro leased to B & B Truck Lines Glen Arnold -owner
This truck had 12 V -71 for power
Set of doubles trailers -- old combo trailers --Molasses tanks on the bottom and 50 ft of cattle space on top. B & B used these for OAT hauling-- cattle floor was put on hinges so had lots of load volume. B & B Grain doubles These units had - 8V- 71 and 13 speeds
A. H. Dawson loading chipin potatos at Bakerfeild Ca. for OLD DUTCH FOOD Calagary Ab. 1974 GMC 12 V -71 B & B hauling grain off of the farms Lots of shovel work in those days
B & B Train--- 6 trailer --- "JUST FOR FUN " MONTANA TRAIN Times gone bye --1976 B& B Truck Lines stopped operating . After years of hard work.
B&B was shut down !!! William A. Dawson "On to better times" KEEP ON TRUCKIN
William Dawson driving at Garrett Freighlines Blgs To St Paul run #13-846 nice WARM Internationals Garrett even ran some Mack semi tractors unloading sugar at Duluth Mn. Very nice White Tractor at Garrett Freightlines
983 Went to work for " PETROLANE " hauling propane with this nice Freightliner
400 cummins 13 speeds ,jake brakes ,air ,radio, and lots of work --was a real job even had to ware white shirts.
Pulled a nice 10,500 W/C trailer Would haul 9,000 gal propane From Canada to U S PETROLANE TRUCK RODEO--- note " WHITE SHIRTS " BILLINGS MT
Petrolane # 11221 Truck and 4 axle trailer in the back county of Wyo. Petrolane # L-8093 3406 -A -CAT Townsend Mt Petrolane loading at M.P.C. Cut Bank Mt
L-8093 all washed and shined for truck rodeo at Holliday Inn Billings Mt Moving a porta -pac trailer to a mine at Landusky Mt
Petrolane --Rocky Mountain Doubles --- D-Y jct Mt Bill Dawson unloading propane at Libby Mt after a run to Waterton Ab. These nice 5 axle unit are still the best at Petrolane haul 10,000 gals at 80,000 gross
My first new P. T. I. unit picked up at Mt Vernon Wa PTI propane truck and trailer. Hauls propane from Calgary, Alberta to points in the USA. Truck is based out of Libby, Montana. P.T.I. # 376 1st cabover i had --"1994"---3406 Cat-- Would haul 12,000 US gallons of propane in the Winter time . Marias Pass Mt.
P.T.I. 119 unloading Gallatin Gateway Mt---larger trailer --would haul 12,000 U.S. gallons in the Summer time. P.T.I. trailer with new paint --No strip on trailer--All new Aluminum wheels Trailer is a 1957 Fruhauf unloading at Libby Mt. Bill Dawson unloading at --Liquid Gas, Enterprise Or.
Steve Wergen --Owners son unloading the propane Enterprise Or. Unloading at a hot Plant --Spokane Wa. "BOB MARSHAL" Wilderness in the background hwy # 200 Great Falls Mt. to Missoula Mt.
P.T.I. with a 2 axle pup traier --- Yakk B.C. Conventional P.T.I. Freightliner with a 2 axle pup --Loading at Yakk B.C. Propane train at Mt Vernon Wa
Tank tester man ---Jim Carrol Billings Mt giving a V-K test. P.T.I. 119 New paint on body tank and trailer Unloading at Sherdian Wyo. Loading at Conoc -Phillps Billings Mt
P.T.I. # 118 Waiting for a dispatch and a TOW!!! Little dump of snow Libby Mt. Unloading at Big Sky Mt
L-R ---Driver Bill Dawson --loader -- Driver Rick Gist Superior Mt load out station. PTI # 118 and #119 ParkCity Mt  
PTI # 376 New at Mt Vernon WA Long Time driver Jim Smith
loading at Superior Mt.
Bill Dawson --Loading at Sidney Mt.
Bill Dawson driving a crew bus hauling Halliburton frack hands in the Bakken oil field. Halliburton trucks on a frackin job in North Dakota Bakken oil field. Yep the facial hair does help to stay warm.
My good friend" DAVE KNIGHT" on the frackin crew. Another cold night in the Bakken oil patch Got a new crew bus --nice Stanley N. D.
Very nice clean P.T. I. unit with a 4 axle Freightliner and a spread axle trailer
Marysville Wa.
I drove this P.T.I. semi out of Cheyenne Wy. Hauling road oil to the Denver area.
475 Cummins nice 6+ miles per gal.

To All Of Our Truckin Friends--- Is now time to play a little --- Bill & Wilma have been married 52 years and Bill has always been a trucker .Wilma raised our 2 daughter as Bill was on the road most of the time . As of 2013 we are blessed with good health good lord willin . We can travel a LITTLE -- this pictures is on Prince Williams sound in Alaska.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
God Bless---Keep on Truckin

Bill & Wilma Dawson

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