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Zenith Transport
Three Zenith rigs southbound at Mt. Vernon,.WA. Arvin, CA., south-east of Bakersfield on SR 223. Camarillo, CA., east of Oxnard on #101.
Unloading peat moss. Unloading rolls of paper at the Times-Mirror Press, in L.A. The world's worst interchange mess is there. It sits right on the edge of the intersection of I-5, I-10, and I-101, and there's no end to the on and off ramps looping around. I went around in circles 'till I got dizzy, but I finally found the right off-ramp. Loading watermelons in Turlock, CA., the "Watermelon Capitol of the World".
Two of us loading lettuce in Salinas. Zenith had the Woodwards contract, and we had to make a dozen pick-ups to make a load. I sat in a packing plant's yard in Firebaugh, CA. one trip for seventeen hours because Woodwards didn't want large canteloupes. I was supposed to wait for medium size, but the crop they were harvesting didn't have any. After many calls to make progress reports that there were no smaller 'lopes, and when they finally realized that I wouldn't be able to make Vancouver on time, they OK"d the large ones. I ate canteloupe for seventeen hours (the plant was a few miles east of town, and I had to stay there or go to the end of the line) and then had to boot it for BC with no sleep. That was enough for me! Zenith and I agreed to disagree, and I went and made a few trips for one of their owner/operators. Just north of Weed, Ca. on #97.
He almost made it to the Interstate. Out of Susanville, Ca. #395 Fresno. This was a tired old rig - nothing but trouble every trip.
Nevada More Nevada Still more Nevada
And still more Nevada. No wonder they didn't have speed limits-there's no people there! I gave up on the old corn-binder (Too fast for the field-too slow for the slab!) and went to work for Rene Savoie at Starliner. This "Star" is sort of a rare bird. It had an NTA 420 (I think) Cummins in it, and it went like hell. He had a mail contract to Prince George and you could blow the doors off everything on the road with it , including Greyhounds, Dodge Hemis, V2 rockets and Sputnik. Salinas?, Visalia?, Bakersfield?. I dunno!
Fresno This one of the two Freightliners with V12 GMs in them that he had at the time, unloading shakes in Sacremento. This is westbound on SR 198 at the top heading for San Lucas.
Rest Area on I-5 in WA. Skeena Gorge, dead-heading back from Prince Rupert. I buddied up to Rupert with another Starliner driver who had one of the V12 Detroits. We were both about the same gross, and I came up behind him and had to back off on every grade going up there. It wasn't as pretty, but it had more muscle.
I-405, the Santa Monica freeway at 06:30. Unloading paper in Long Beach. That's my daughter Sue again, a few years older. The "Tijuana Express" on Mexico #1.

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