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A.S. Gussie Produce
I bought this old Pete and used Donny Gabel's "towtruck" to get it to Ben Blues shop north of town. That's Mitch standing on the bumper. Those Buggy Wheels on the steering have got to go! This is how she looked after doing the engine and the paint and bodywork. I never noticed how small we made the Eightball at the time.
I just had to try being a produce monger again. This is my 42and1/2 foot Trailmobile reefer. I'm unloading peat moss in Mission, TX. Note the bales strapped on the little drom deck I had behind the cab. A '56(?) Sterling at the the northbound inspection station on US 281 in TX. When you come north from the Rio Grande valley to Falfurrias, Tx on 281, the road makes a little curve to the left at the south end of town and then straightens out again. Garcia must have taken a little nap and he motored straight into this little store.
It's nice to "have a Coke" but this brings a new dimension to "Drive-In" service!!! Who parked under my tractor? The best parking spot on the lot.
I'll have a cheeseburger to go, please! On top of Roger's Pass on Montana #200 at 5609 ft. (the great divide). This is the same Rogers who found the pass in BC. A radically customized H-63 Mack.
With big "Pussy Power"! At the Houston West Union 76 on I -10. Look at the exhaust on this thing. The painted desert, out of Tuba City on US #89 in AZ.,
-in Navajo country. Marble Canyon, on US ALT. 89 in AZ. I was heading north in the Okanagan Valley on summer day, and there was an air show in Penticton. Two WW 2 Harvard trainers wer forming up and touched wings. One augered into this motel on the south side of Oliver,BC on #97. Two killed.
A couple of vintage Diamond-Ts at Motley, Mn on US #10 The Roosevelt National Monument on the Great divide at Marias Pass (EL 5236) on US #2. Same country
This - (thick black ice) - leads to- - this. (Burlington ND, just west of Minot on US#2
The Snake River Canyon (of Evil Kneivel fame) at Burley, ID on US #30 Northbound on US #191 along the Gallatin River heading for Bozeman, MT. 191 just dekes into Yellowstone Park for about 2 miles. I took this picture from the riverbank while my son was skimming stones on the water.
Prairie fires south-west of Mountain Home, ID on I-80. Summer of '83. It was so hot that day, I shut down 'till evening to save my tires. Mitch nearly drove me nuts begging for quarters to play the pinball machines.

" I wish they'd outlaw them old pinball machines Many weeks they have caused me to live on sardines" ( a line from an old country song )
Homestake summit on I-90 in MT
A Mexican orange hauler unlaoding in Hidalgo,TX acros the Rio Grande from Reynosa,Mexico. Loading watermelons in Brownfield, TX, southwest of Lubbock. My swamper at the summit of Washington Pass on US #20 in the middle of nowhere. What some guys will do to avoid scales!
This is the bridge at Sault St. Marie. The last time I was here (in the sixties), there was only a small ferry. Toronto in the summer of '84. There's my summer swamper again. The bumper sticker on the left door says " If Dolly Parton was a trucker, she would be flat busted." The one on the right door proudly proclaims, "Rhode Island's Only Truckstop"
I almost got myself shot by an Arizona State Trooper getting to this place! He had the longest-barreled 44 revolver I ever saw! What a night!

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