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Peter Polet and his 1961 Kenworth
Peter is the son of Fred Polet,who I drove with at Scott Fruit in '56,'57. He had a successful career in trucking and now is Sales Manager at Costom Kenworth in Winnipeg. Here's some pictures of a beautiful restoration of his '61 KW.
Peter with his project truck. That's probably A Kysor a/c on the roof A passenger side view. This truck had the original NH250 replaced by the second owner, Fred Wagener from Smith, NV six months after he bought it in 1968. He dropped in a Cummins V-903 industrial engine that had originally been in a US Army tank (verified by Cummins). Fred also stretched it from a 170" w/b to accomodate the drom deck and replaced the Torsion Bar suspension with a Page and Page ( which was a way rougher suspension but was relatively trouble free). She's now 250" w/b, with 4x4 trans and those indestructible worm-drive rear ends. Peter and Fred sealing the deal. Note the Low Air wig- wag hanging down in the driver's window.
An interior shot. Check out the two sticks with the very popular Cat handles. It sure brings back a lot of memories, like how you'd slip your left arm through the steering wheel to shift the main and the a-box together. If you couldn't two-stick, you might have a licence, but you were an amateur. Notice how the whole dash panel was hinged at the botton, allowing unlimited access behind it. All tied down and ready to rock and roll. That's Fred's 2005 T-800 on the head end. He brought a load down to Vegas,then jumped on US95 and shot up to Smith to load the cab-over.
Stacks and air cleaner hat removed and ready to load All lined up - -and loaded. That's Peter's brother, Fred Jr. in the picture
The Crew left to right; Peter Polet, Eric Gergatz, Richard Pellack, Brian Hunter

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