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North-Central Distributors
My very own personal 210 pony two-stroke joke. I've just loaded 40,000 pounds of spuds south of Portage la Prairie and heading back to the highway. Saskatchewan. hoarfrost. The cab did not tilt on this thing. It was a '59 GMC DF860, commonly known as a "Cannonball", and the last year they built them. Loading butter at the Co-op in St. Walburg, Sask., northeast of Loyd. on #26
Tom Keddie pulling off the iron Westbound on top of Rogers. "Big Ernie" with P.L. Porter #4 eastbound at the Lodge on top of Rogers.
In "the Basement" grinding up the OK Falls hill with a load of soft fruit in the summer of '64. There's about a hundred angry tourists behind us. Al Trimmings from Calgary. He drove with me for a few months - He was quite a guy. Changing oil at Pete Horkoff's Husky in Sicamous, BC.
Al Noble came on with George in the summer of '65. Unfortunately, he wasn't there very long This is westbound on #16 about half-way between Lloyd and Edmonton. Nobody was hurt, but that thing sure burned!
It actually was a COE Kenworth at one time
This little AC 'binder from City Meats is a tag-axle also." Bob Thompson Collection.
George Maxwell's Cummins-powered, long-legged, blow you into the ditch LJ Mack. This old jewel would really dangle. We both ran Saskatoon. He'd leave the Twin Cities in the morning, and I always left Winnipeg. after supper. He'd often catch me up around Davidson and blow my doors off. Then I'd have to wait for him to finish unloading at Shelley's in Stoon (Saskatoon). That's the back of my trailer in the picture.
East bound on top of Rogers Pass. The machinery is clearing the remnants of a snowslide. The road runs along the north side of the pass. This slide came from the SOUTH slope and was 14 ft. high where it crossed the highway.
This is a Michigan front-end loader buried in the slide because the crew was out working (at night) trying to keep the road open. The operator was working with his door open (you can see it lying there in the picture), which is absolutely against avalanche area rules.
Eastbound out of Banff. Note the tag-axle. Northbound on the old 395 at Connell, Wash.

By this time I was working full-time for George Smith, but still as North-Central.
This is about 5 miles south of Sicamous, B.C. on #97C. The road is a series of 30 to 35 mph curves for several miles thorugh here. These guys were only bruised and shaken up a little. It happened around 04:00, and the the driver was going around the cab like a weed-eater 'cause he thought he was drowning, but the fella in the sleeper, Ben Bisio, calmed him down and got him up to the highway. They were very lucky. A few more feet out and the water is 2 to 3 hundred feet deep.
Don Gabel, G.S (George Smith) #76 at Kanaka Bar, BC. Russ Luning's "Fruitliner" on The Divide Bryce Bednarek with George Smith #58 or #60. George only had two trucks at this time.
The driver was Pete Feenstra from Winnipeg. I knew him from when we gypsied for George Smith in '60. Poor Pete. A couple of years later he was killed in a hunting accident about 40 miles west of here.
This is just out of Whitewood,Sask. on #1 Believe it or not, the title of this song is "Merrily We Roll Along" Sometimes a butt slipped out the wing window would be carries under the tarp, and this is what you'd get.
My new Freightliner, 100 miles old on top of the Hope Slide, heading to the OK valley for its first load. Loading soft fruit with Bob Baskerville at the Co-op in Cawston, BC, on #3 east of Keremeos. A cab-over Freightliner from Hunt Transport blowing my doors off on Field Hill. I believe Hunt was bought out by Reimer to get running rights into Vancouver.
Unloading at Vancouver Ice on Terminal Ave east of Main St Northbound on a detour on #95 heading for Golden, BC
This happened in '66 (?) at Rosedale Jct. on #1 east of Chilliwack. At that time, the highway went back to two lane from the jct. to Hope. This truck had the exact same paint job as mine other than the stripe on it was a dark green where mine was black.
This the other half of the incident. This guy was west-bound and less than a mile from the four lane. He was pinned by the legs for four hours. I can tell you exactly how that feels, as it happened to me years later.
One of George's trailers- a Trailmobile with solid West Coast tandem, two king pins, 20 inch rubber on daytons, and an underslung reefer. My new Fruhauf - sliding tandems, 22 inch rubber on Budds, and a nose mount reefer. Good old Marv Summers at the wheel. We still wore uniforms back then. Marv's is from Imperial Roadways. Note the frost shields on the side window.
This old sweetie was still in service for C.P.Transport in '66 or '67 at Cache Creek Loading at the bottom of the hill in Okanagan Centre (and a new air conditioner). Loading frozen french fries at Carnation in Carberry, Manitoba.
Backing into C.S. Ruby. If you enlarge the picture, you will see the frost shield on the passenger side windshield, the only way to see the convex on the prairies in the cold weather. At the rear of BC Ice on Commissioner in Vancouver.
Marv got tired of produce hauling and went running to Toronto for an O\O out of Winnipeg and had the pleasure of this experience.

This happened twenty miles east of The Soo on Ont. #17. They were eastbound at the time, when a station wagon pulled out from a side road right in front of his partner. He ran in the ditch to avoid the other vehicle and this was the result.

Marv got out of this one in his shorts!

Tiger Transfer from Calgary loading at the West Coast Vegetable Marketing Commission with a "sleeper cab" R Model Mack. Now there's innovation for you! This is northbound on BC #97 just out of Winfield.
Side-hill gouging the hard way! The boxes on the back are apples. The wooden crates in front of them are pears. This "Thirteen Letter Manure Spreader" sort of came apart at the seams.
It was an Intenational 4000 owned by Alec Kowalski, an O\O for George. Nobody was hurt. The whole 5th wheel assembly came a way with the trailer
This is how apples are supposed to look when they get to Winnipeg. Bud Mullen giving me a hand one trip when I was running single.
This was taken at the brake check on the Salmo-Creston cutoff, warning of the westbound grade. I still think the first mile or so is more like 8%. A panoramic view of the western slope. This is the first or second run-away lane, occupied by a Security Storage - Allied Van Lines bedbug hauler.
He managed to stay on his wheels, but I guess he forgot that with no brakes,as soon as he lost forward momentum, he'd be going the other way. Anyway, he jack-knifed and rolled her going backwards. A Scenic Viewpoint between Kelowna and Vernon. Mike Manchulenko with his '57 B-61 c/w Mercury sleeper and his 36 ft. Dorsey. The last of the produce-mongers.
"Fruit Row" (Ross Ave) in Winnipeg. Everybody had to jacknife to leave one lane of the street open for traffic. On Time Every Time!!!
This is at the very west end of Shuswap Lake,east of Chase, BC. Apparently one end of a bundle of pipe broke through the floor in the front of the trailer and dropped in between the frame rails of the tractor. The front 8 feet of the trailer and the reefer stayed with the tractor!
Both guys died . I dranks beer with them a few times in The Lougheed Hotel in Burnaby when we laid over at the same time. This one is near Wolsely, Sask. on #1. The trailer kept it's shape pretty well.
This is 10 miles north of the Trans-Canada on Manitoba #5. He managed to jacknife almost 180 degrees. No mean feat, that! I'm sure this must be some kind of record. Swan River The Pas was also bought out by the CNR.

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