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Jade Transport
Jade Transport is owned by Larry Dyck. He loves good looking trucks. This is at Jade's shop on #59 in St.Boniface. He liked trucks that pulled, too, and this old Pete did! I put quite a few miles on this T-800 KW. Not as fancy, and not as fast, but slid along very nicely, thank you. Loading asphalt at Koch Oil, just north of Jade on #59.
Heading down #2 to a road job in Manitoba. Scaling in at the site. Jade's R-model Mack.
I got a kick out of driving this little Mack. Heading north on SA #2 to the pulp mill Prince Albert for a load of tall oil ( a by-product of the pulping process). Southbound on the St.Louis bridge.
The centre portion used to be for the railroad. Gee, look at all the asphalt rigs. It must be Moose Jaw! Thats me under the sign. Larry sent me out there to haul to a road job at Snow Lake, MB, which is 60 miles directly east of Flin Flon. You take MB #10 north of The Pas, and pick up #39 at Simonhouse, and then take PR 392 north.
Nothing but miles here. Once you got east of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, there was nothing or nobody to bother you. And going back?- well, sit down, shut up, and HOLD ON!!! I came very close to a a "5000 miler" on this haul. This is on the Bonneville salt flats in the Great Salt Lake Desert on the south side of I-80 near the Nevada line. I'm heading in to load here. There is a large network of roads out there,so you have to pay attention. At the loading rack, loading Mag-Clor (magnesium chloride).
Heading back up to the Interstate. This was a customer's trailer. The load was bound for Red Lake, ON I was westbound on SA #5 about 50 miles east of Saskatoon around 05:00 one January mornin when a BIG buck deer came full bore out of the south ditch and tried to jump across in front of me. He was airborne when I hit him and I thought, "There goes the rad-". There were two almost similtaneous hard bangs, one from the deer,and the other from the load of DKP in that straight gut trailer hitting the front bulkhead.
Everything kind of happened in slow motion- the buck sailed through the air and landed in the eastbound lane and slid along, slowly sliding to the shoulder. We both came to a stop at about the same time.I pulled off the road and dragged him clear of the highway, checked the truck, and the rad was ok. Good bumper! Glad it was a set-back axle! Loading tallow at Custom Packers in St. Boniface. We hauled a lot of tallow (food grade and industrial grade) down to Toronto. This is a stainless steel straight gut tank, and they take a bit of getting used to. You have to develop a knack for shifting just at the right time. If you start applying fuel as the wave is moving towards the rear, you get your teeth loosened, no extra charge!
This on MI #28 on the south shore of Lake Superior in the U.P. heading east We hauled DKP (Di-potasium Phosphate, used in making anti-freeze) steady out of Port Colborne, ON to Dow Chemical in Ft.Saskatchewan, AB. I had 4250 miles in one week as I was coming through Winnipeg westbound, and they pulled me off the truck and spoiled the only other chance I had to make a "a 5000 miler". Ah, the good old days!

Jade was a great place to work-Great people, great trucks.

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