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Imperial Roadways Ltd.
Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba
These five photos are courtesy of Doug Hutsel, Ernie's son.
Ernie Hutsel's H-67 Mack with a 40 ft. rag-top taken in 1959. Ernie was a "lifer". He trucked until they wouldn't let him truck anymore. Vision problems grounded him. He passed on in December, 2000. Ernie standing beside his first owner-operated truck in the spring of '59. He had some bad luck in November of '59. This is out of Duluth, Minn. on US #2.
Here she is back on her wheels, a little worse for the wear. Repaired and repainted in the spring of '60 and back at work sporting the IRL paint scheme (light blue on the bottom and white on top). Nicholson's, on the east side of Pembroke, Ont on #17. We used to stop here sometimes to switch and eat on the Montreal run (heading to or coming from the Soo).

A DF 860 Garage Man's Companion (GMC) at IRL's dock in Mtl. Driver is Jerry Keller. This was Chuck Asher's first truck- "Thumper". A G-model Mack and Al's Great Mountain Climber (GMC) fuelling at Escanaba, Michigan, (circa 1960) The Blue Water connects Sarnia, Ont. and Port Huron,Mich. and allowed us to shorten the miles to Wpg a little by running up the peninsula and then across US 2, rather than run around through Chicago.
Jimmie Mathieman (driving Connie Jeff's G-Model Mack. A DFR8000 Gotta Mechanic Coming (GMC) at Bemidji, Minn. on US-2. The owner was Norm Thomas. This is a DFS8000. It has a set-back front axle and an unconventional frame with rails about 22" in depth, and had air ride on the steering in 1960 We're unloading swingin, in Montreal.
H 67 Mack with a 170 hp Thermodyne engine at the dock at IRL in MTl. Note the large cylindrical tank mounted above the saddle tanks. We all got our fuel from Bulk Dealers there who were only to happy to send a truck to fuel us up wherever we were on the street. We always bought stove oil because we had a "kerosene burnin' Chevrolet" (GMC diesel). We paid all of 15 to 17cents/gallon. The B-model is Bolduc Express from Val Dor or Malarctic,P.Q.
This was IRL's first 13' 6" trailer. Dispatch gave us express instructions to "Watch the underpass at Dorion". We did, but about 3 months later, somebody forgot and wrote it off completely. Dorion is just west of Montreal on #17. Being scooped by Midland-Superior, a Calgary outfit, on US2 "Brother Al" (note the convenient map storage area providedby the ever-thoughtful engineers at General Motors).
H  A  N  G  I  N  ! Warren Thomson's 6-banger westbound on Mich.#28 just off the ferry at Sault Ste.Marie, Mich. This is a greatly improved model in that it actually has stowage compartments (cubby-holes),which was an afterthought on GM's part.
Vic Waugh's Hayes and Aeroliner reefer out of Nipigon,ON At IRL's yard in Toronto Vic Wach's Hayes westbound out of Nipigon with a company 38 foot reefer.
Donny Pierson's Freightliner west of Schrieber, Ontario on #17. Joe Bunig (Unit #61)Westbound just east of Longlac, ONT. Joe was in his fifties or sixties her, but he sure could truck! He'd run circles around us running single while we were running double!
Eleven years later--- Brother Al, again. Tomah, Wisconsin, New York City bound.
Eastbound on I-80 in Pennsylvania. This is the only legitimate mother trucker I ever saw! A winter sunset in the Allegheneys. Here's Ben Blue at IRL. He moved there from Bestway. He lasted a year at IRL and then sold the truck (1964)

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