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Great West Transport
Gordie Sokol started at Great West in '56 with the Diamond T that he had at George Smith. It proved to be too small ( it had a Nash 6 cylinder engine ), so he trade it on a '57 salmon pink V8 International. He wanted that color because the salesman at Boulton Motors on Main St in Wpg told him he'd never sold a truck with that color. Gordie wanted that color because he figured that no matter where he went, it would never be mistaken for another truck.
Gordie's wife Bernice with the '57 ' buttnose 'binder. The first generation of truck reefers were installed INSIDE the trailer in the nose. You can't see the acess doors because of the cab, but note the wxhaust port on the side of the trailer They were handy to work on because you could stand on the ground to do it. Also note the "quick change" name plates on both units. Because GW had no authority in Ont. at that time, their company trucks ran double through PA and NY to get to and from Montreal. Gordie would reverse his signs and would dead-head across Ont. at night and be in Windsor ahead of them. The teams never figured out how he always beat them back to Wpg. Hanging pork frozen to the floor on arrival in Montreal.
A Great West 22 White and an H-67 Mack at the local bar in Noyes, Minn across from the customs. All eastbound Wpg. rigs cleared at Noyes back then back then. Gord slid off the road in a snow storm northbound in the Michigan Upper Peninsula south of St. Ignace.
This Great West B-61 slid off the road just behind Gordie. As the driver was walking up toward Gord's rig, he slipped and fell, severly fracturing his skull. He was evacuated by helicopter to a nearby hospital. Gordie's dad with Bernice

Ernie Hutsel with the same '61 Freightliner and the same unit number as he had at Kron, near Terrace Bay, Ont. in 1966.

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