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Gravel Hauling and Ice Roads.
This old girl rear-ended a combine in the fog on #1 westbound by Oakville, Man. about 04:30 one summer morning. It was working for OIS, a tanker outfit from Winnipeg. OIS was bought out by Maccam, if I remember correctly. The combine got the worst of it, but this "Deppity Dog" was "retired from service" so to speak. Note the condition of the area just below and forward of the air-cleaner (for later reference). I bought an old B-421, an ex-Tallman Construction (BACM) truck as replacement of the cab and frame on the B-73.
Here's everything dis-assembled. And here's the beginning of the rebuild. This is C.F. Turner (of Brave Belt, and Bachman-Turner Overdrive) giving his rendition of the accident. He still worked for a living then. He used to pack the place at the St.Vital Hotel every weekend. You can see the dropped driver's floor, which was a feature of the B-73. It gave a little more leg room for us lanky types. This was cut out and installed in the 421 cab.
This is Don Wiznuk (also known as Jack). He had a one bay body shop on Logan West in Winnipeg. The driver's cowl panel before Don started on it. This is the panel after. Don was one of the few guys who was good at "leading", which is really art work!. He didn't use fibreglass for restorations. "Leading" is a process where you take bars metal and more or less melt them into the panel with a torch and end up with a hand-formed new panel!
Go back and look at the wreck. This panel (18 gauge aluminum) is buried in there . It's the extender panel between the cab and fender on the passenger side ( the 73 was a long-nose).

Don took that panel (which was squashed like a stepped-on beer can and through "shrinking" brought it back to life better than factory. When he first said he could restore it, I thoght he was pulling my leg. The guy was amazing!

Painting More painting
Doing the air cleaner. The cartoon painted in the middle of the dash. The finished product.
A shot of the artwork on the dash. The cartoon on the grille guard. Article from the January 1973 Overdrive Magazine featuring Tony's Mack
Check out the shovel. I would never have thought of painting it , but Wiznuk had a very discerning eye! The trailer is a 20 ft. Arnies, made in Winnipeg. The dents in the side panels are the result of hauling "shot rock", also called "rip-rap".
Standard Limestone Quarries in Stonewall, Manitoba. The two COE Kenoworths are East-West retirees, and were unique in that they both had V10 Deutz air-cooled engines in them. We're waiting to load "dust" (fines). Dumping shot-rock in the parking lot of the new West Kildonan Mall at McPhilips and Leila. Under the Hough.
I hauled for Sigfussen on his ice roads up the east side of Lake Winnipeg for one winter. There was no money in that! This is on top of the bank of the Leyond River. This southbound sitting on the Bloodvein River. The camp at Eardley Lake.
Coming onto Round Lake from the north. On top of the north bank of Berens River. We had to provide our own road maintenance. This is supposed to be a "drag", but as you can see, it's nothing but a couple of pieces of crusher screen. The NDP Government put Sigfusson out of business the next year.
This happened at Eisenhower Jct. (# 1 & #93) in Alberta. This guy came north on # 93 and wanted to go east on # 1 to Calgary. A few more feet and the rig would have done a complete roll.
He must have really been smokin' her, because he's on the west-bound shoulder of # 1 here (on the NORTH side of the highway!). I decided to become a family man, so I moved my family to Keremeos, BC. Fruhauf in Wpg. had a 26 ft. "bathtub" that they needed moved to Vancouver. I loaded everything in the trailer and actually made money moving! This is taken in the orchard we purchased on Upper Bench Road, shortly before I sold the Mack. Another shot of the Fruhauf bathtub.

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