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Gabel Trucking
I drove for Donny Gabel for a time, working for George Smith. Here's two of his rigs parked at his farm on PR 221 west of Crossroads Corner, on #7. Here's my daughter Karen again,at the Alberta-Saskatchewan border on the Trans Canada Highway. I scored a load of frozen french fries out of McCain's at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba going to Yellowknife, NWT. This is coming down to the bridge at Peace River,AB.
An HD Hayes with a load of pipe. A PeBen rig Grimshaw, AB. Mile 0, Mackenzie Hwy.
Northbound, half way between Ft. Providence... ... and YK. Unloading at Burns Foods in YK.
Southbound empty out of YK. "North of Sixty" (by about twenty feet). Clarence Sanderson with one of Smith's Astros. The Co-op fish plant in Prince Rupert, BC.
Loading soft fruit at Black Sage Growers in Oliver, BC. Westbound on Kootenay Summit. Unloading seed in Creston, BC.
On the Blueberry-Polsen Cutoff. December of '80 ('79?). The station wagon lost it in the curve, did a doughnut, and slid into the dairy rig coming up the grade.
It almost got underneath the tractor. The rig wouldn't have been moving very fast, maybe 10-12 mph. He would have been stopped when the car hit. It hit so hard it actually pushed the tractor kind of sideways and back down the hill about 5 feet.
This was a wild one! The driver caught the left rear corner of another rig parked on the eastbound shoulder out of Virden, MB. It peeled the cab off all around him and left him sitting out in the cool,fresh, invigorating night air. No injuries to speak of.
I met Len Barrett at Vanterm a few years later. He was an o\o for George Smith. He told me about the latest developments at Smith- the signature on the registration. This is the Manitoba PSV registration for his truck. It's hard to see, but the signature line has a dog paw-print and three words- BLITZ THE DOG. This is an insight into George Smith. I guarantee that there isn't another Trucking company in the industrialized western world that would even attempt to do this. But George did, successfully!
This is a fully loaded reefer can that an o\o dropped at his shop. The lane is sloped to the centre for drainage. The driver's side dolly leg punched through the pavement, and the can flipped completely on its side! It's a high-cube SeaLand can. Neat name for a tow-truck!
Not a scratch on the side panels of the can! The guy on the left is Alec Kowalski, a George Smith o\o. Just about ready to roll here.

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