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Comet Transport, Moose Jaw, Sask
Comet was owned by John Willms, of Willms Transport, also of Moose Jaw (a petroleum hauler). They ran the prairie provinces.

In 1958, Comet contracted to move 225 head of cattle off a ranch in south-eastern Alberta,south of Irvine,Alta on hwy #41 in Cypress Hills country.

They brought in trucks from several points to move these loads and they all congregated at Irvine. Here are the drivers in the restaurant there. Here they are waiting for the word to go and load. Their names are (left to right):
1.unknown 2. StuValin 3. Al Sadowski
4. Duke Fergusen 5. Alfie Bunce
6.John Peters 7.Cliff Dunn 8.Gus Fuchs
9.Archie Linkletter 10.unknown 11.Pete Turanski 12.Hank Beauchert
Here are the ten rigs involved lined up at the ranch (left to right)
1. A red Mack B-61 (Willms color)
2. A blue & white Mack B-61(Comet colors)
3. A 9000 White
4. A red Mack B-61
5. A 4400 White
6. An AC-225-D 'Binder' with a Rolls-Royce engine
7. A blue and white GM four-banger (Al Sadowski)
8. A red Mack B-61
9. A blue and white Mack B-61

The tenth truck,a blue and white 22 white (Alfie Bunce,is at the chute,loading. Cliff Dunn,the Comet supervisor, loaded the trucks by horsepower - the smallest first, so Alfie was first, and Sadowski was second.

Doing the paper work Prime Herefords Archie's load going on
Cliff Dunn went ahead and snapped pics of all the rigs as they pulled up this hill north-bound.
They are all bound for the Union Stockards in St.Boniface, Man.
Alfie Bunce. He is being rapidly overtaken by one of the B-61s The Mack is now in front and another rig is starting down the other side of the hill.
Al Sadowski This AC binder had a Rolls-Royce in it and they didn't hang together too long. He's about to be scooped by a B-61.
This White 9000 wouldn't have had anything bigger than a 195 with a 10 speed Road Strangler. He's shortly going to be passed by another one of the B-61s. ....and here he comes!
The two Comet color B-61s. The third one (at the bottom of the hill) is one of the red ones. He's about to over take the second blue one
This is the third red B-61 The 4400 White. He's really got his foot in it
This is Comet's yard on the 500 block of Ave. K in Stoon (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). They shared the yard with Willms Transport. Picture courtesy of Bob Thompson.
Comet Transport had one like this in the 60's. Willliam McCullough Collection. This AC's last job in Saskatoon was as a Switch tractor for Comet Transport, would you believe? Bob Thompson Collection. Just like a New Peterbilt Right? Bob Thompson Collection.
Willms Mack B61. Willms used the same yard as Comet. Bob Thompson Collection. Willms Mack B61. Bob Thompson Collection.

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