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CDI (Cement Distributors Inc.)
This the CDI yard in Aldergrove, on 8th Ave, just east of Lefeuvre Rd. This is actually an American company. Besides hauling locally and across the line, we had a regular haul to a ready-mix plant in Vanderhoof. This is in the Fraser Canyon, northbound.
Unloading (06:00) into their silo at Vanderhoof. There wasn't much time for sleep on this run. Waiting to unload at the Rempel batch plant at the top of Pipeline Rd. in Coquitlam, BC. These were tired old tanks - leaking pads, leaking valves, leaking welds. This is a 7 axle "Rocky Mountain Double"( a long front trailer with a short pup behind - real wiggle wagons and prone to falling over with no provocation).
Unloading at The Pipeline plant. Unloading at Rempel, on the north side of Chilliwack. This is an 8 axle A-train, and I found them to be as steady in the curves, or better, than B-trains. This fella took of with his PTO engaged and his valve in the "up" position. He discovered it pretty quickly when he hit an overpass on the freeway out towards Chilliwack.
Evening in the Thompson River Valley. This behind the shop at their yard. You can see the 8 axle configuration much better here.
This is the world's worst pup! It's an old Clough, built in 1966. Here's the problem - the front axle springs are mounted transversly ( sideways)!!! Just like the back spring in my 1934 Ford that I had as a kid.
This thing would lean over alarmingly just turning a corner in town that you wouldn't even notice with a proper suspension. The make was "Silver Eagle" and was widely used in A-trains. It's no surprise to me that a lot of them tipped over.

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