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Berry and Smith Trucking
Donny Gabel had this freightliner sitting in his shop in Okanagan Falls, BCdoing nothing, so we put it to work at Berry and Smith in Penticton. This is a load of boxes ex Domtar on Viking Way in Richmond. On the Hope-Princeton (BC #3) at the Dewdney Trail Marker A load of over-length glue-lam beams on WA #97 at the Wells Dam.
Boy, look at all the buoys! This guy was heading north on WA #25, probably headed for Trail,BC He couldn't have been going very fast, because only travelled a short distance before he flipped over the no posts. I'll bet he got a real whack when the old girl turned over.
After about six months, I went to work for the company on one of their daycab Pete's. This is a section of the "Road Train", the long paving rig that eats the road in front of it and lays down new road behind it. We were moving it to a job on #1 at The Dogwood in the Canyon. Unloading scrap steel at Birmingham Steel in Seattle. East of Grand Forks on BC #3
On top of Antoine Pass, east of Omak, WA on #155. B&S serviced the Burlington Northern Intermodal hub in Spokane. This was an overnight haul and you had to be back in Penticton by 07:00 because they had these trucks booked for local work and if you weren't, it meant a driver was standing there on the clock, which made you highly unpopular with dispatch. This was a 53 ft. dry van until the driver turned it into a flatbed. He lost it in a sneaky curve east of Hedley, BC on # 3. It laid over against the bank and basically came apart at the seams. It was Dowtons from Edmonton. The driver was only shaken up.
At B&S' yard under the south side of the Alex Frazer Bridge with a stack of decks. Vancouver bound at Cawston, where I lived at the time. The load is pre-fab housing.
Believe it or not, this is a load of live bees. I had 440 colonies on board, and an average hive has 50,000 bees in it. THAT'S TWENTY-TWO MILLION BEES! Imagine being run off the road by some yokel, or worse, blowing a steering tire! I picked them up in Westbank and delivered them to the cranberry paddies that you see on the north side of the Connector in Richmond. Here's an account of a driver who dumped a load of bees.
A nice low flyin' load of lumber on the Hope-Princeton This is a portable industrial chipper. I picked it up at Northwood, OK Falls, and delivered it to Northwood, Princeton. It was used to chip whole decks of logs unsuitable for dimensional wood (probably beetle kill).

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