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Bestway Express Ltd.
Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Andre at the House of Denmark on the east side of the Lakehead A Bestway G-model Mack westbound out of Beardmore on ONT. # 11
The driver of this Hayes Clipper, Doug Grouette, met a car right on the Mattagami River bridge west of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario on #11. This COE Hayes Clipper was only 5000 miles old when this happened (2 rounds to TO.) Doug was Okay,
Here's Norm Thomas (on the left) with the editor of CRK. Doug Hutzel Collection. Here's a shot of a Bestway "high-side" ragtop. These things really pulled like stoneboats and involved at least three hernias to tarp. Doug Hutzel Collection.
Here's my old friend Ben Blue's 1962 Haye Clipper COE at his farm north of Winnipeg. It had a 250 Cummins, a 12 speed Spicer, 34,000# Rockwell rear ends and 10:22 rubber. He bought it brand new from Ed Thiessen at Paramount Motors on Higgins in Wpg. after moving from Toronto, where he drove an 18 White running to Vancouver hauling furniture for Dickson Moving/Allied Van Lines. Here he is hooked to one of Bestway's notorious rag-tops. Ben took these pics of Romeo Beauchemin's 800 Ford town tractor completely bogged at the new cement plant that was going up in Fort Garry back then.
Here's Litz trying to get Romeo out. Fueling up somewhere between Winnipeg and Toronto. Ben moved to IRL later. This is Sid Nagamori's '58 K-wobbler.He traded his Safety Freight A-car off on it It had a 262 Cummins, a twelve speed Spicer, worm drive rear ends and KW Torsion Bar suspension plus an exhaust brake (probably a Williams) because Sid said all it was good for was making noise, and that is a perfect description of a Williams exhaust brake. He only traded the A-car because he needed a sleeper, and the A-car would have been too long for the length laws back then. This truck left Bestway to go to A&H, and finally to Kron Transport.

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