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I took some truck pics on a recent road trip in Texas.
I found a bunch of old Studebakers in Weatherford,TX good candidates for restoration. Also some others I ran across alongside the hwy in various places.
Autocar Hamilton,TX B-61 Mack Hamilton,TX B-61 Mack US281 N. of Hamilton,TX
B model Mack and W model White at house moving co. on US287 N. of Fort worth,TX Oct. 2010 Dodge Power Wagon Stephenville,TX Faegol Freighter US377 Tolar,TX
IHC tractor US77 N. of Hillsboro,TX Old cattle trailer US281 S. of Hamilton,TX Old trucks road trip Oct 2010 014
Old trucks road trip Oct 2010 037 White 9000 US281 S. of Hamilton,TX Sign in front of the lot where I found all the old Studebaker trucks, Weatherford,TX
Studebaker Dump truck Weatherford,TX Oct 2010 Studebaker Weatherford,TX Oct 2010 Studebaker in Weatherford,TX Oct 2010
Studebaker Wrecker Weatherford,TX Oct 2010 Old White US281 S. of Hamilton,TX
Acme Safeway Van & Storage, Houston,TX
Gene-Val Moving & Storage Terminal Van Lines, St. Petersburg,FL
IHC VCO Promo postcard.
Wheaton Postcard IH VCO Wheaton Postcard IH VCO
Wheaton postcard Mack F Wheaton Promo postcard Diamond T COE
Alexander's Moving and Storage KW with Drom, agents for Atlas Van Lines at Lakewood,WA8-3-2013. Atlantic Relocations agents for Atlas Van Lines laying over at Fife,WA 8-3-2013. Carlyle Van Lines KW laying over in Fife,WA 8-3-2013.
KW operated by All American Moving Group agents for Mayflower in Memphis,TN laying over in Fife,WA 6-23-2013. Mayflower Kenworth at Lakewood,WA 8-10-2013.

Brown Express 1960's brochure Brown Express 1960's brochure
Central Freight Lines 1960's brochure Central Freight Lines 1960's Route Map Central Freight Lines 1960's brochure