We had never been up to Terrace, BC and so this year we decided to do a road trip up to Terrace and travel within our own province. Back in the late 60's I had been as far as Prince George, BC on a Greyhound bus, but couldn't remember a lot of the trip, so this was like brand new territory for us both.

Day 1

Day one we started off from Surrey (our home base) and traveled along the Trans Canada Highway as far as Hope, BC. Then we took the Coquihalla Highway as far as Kamloops. Here is a link to truck pictures taken along the way.

Day 2

On day two of our road trip we left my sister's place, which is just west of Kamloops by Cherry Creek. We travelled westbound along the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) as far as Cache Creek and then travelled north from Cache Creek along Highway 97 (the Cariboo Highway). Today's trip took us as far as Quesnel. Here is a link to truck pictures we took along the way.

Day 3

On day three of our road trip we started from Quesnel and went to Barkerville, which is a restored old western town. I had never been there before, so it was something I was looking forward to.

Here is a link to the scenic pictures we took in Barkerville.

After spending most of the day at Barkerville, we continued our drive north as far as Prince George. As you will see from the truck pictures, the trip was raining a lot today. But it made for some interesting pictures that my wife, Virginia, took while I was driving.

Day 4

Day four of our road trip was spent in Prince George. I had read in different travel brochures that Prince George had a railroad/forestry museum. I was pretty excited about seeing the museum. The AAA Tourbook said that the museum was closed on Monday but open the rest of the week. So that fit perfectly with our planned trip. It would be Tuesday when we were in Prince George. Even a brochure in our hotel showed that the museum was open on Tuesday. Well that wasn't right. We got to the museum and found it was closed. Luckily we brought along the brochure from our hotel because it had a phone number. I had seen people going into the front building of the museum so I knew that there was someone there. So I called the number. Eventually someone answered and I layed this sob story on him. I told him that we had just driven up from the Vancouver area (which was true) just to see the railroad/forestry museum. I told him that all the brochures told us that the museum was open today. After a bit of dialog, the person on the phone asked me where I was right now. I told him that I was in the parking lot at the museum. He said come on in and we'll let you in. So we got to have the museum all to ourselves. I'm sure glad I phoned the museum. The time spent there was well worth it.

Here are a couple of truck pictures I took near our hotel in Prince George.

Here are some pictures that I took at the Prince George Railroad and Forestry Museum.

Day 5

On day five of our road trip we drove from Prince George to Terrace along Highway 16 (the Yellowhead Highway). The route was very scenic with lots of mountains and everything was green. A nice change from the Kamloops area that we travelled through on day one. Here are some truck pictures from our drive from Prince George to Terrace.

Day 6

On day six and the following three days we stayed at my wife's sister's place in Terrace. During the four day stay we got to see many things in the Terrace area. On day six I went to the Peterbilt Pacfic dealership to visit with Steve Smyth, the branch manager. I had been in contact via phone and email with Steve for many years, as he was the person who I was in contact with while Peterbilt Pacific sponsored my web site from 2001 to 2009. I had wanted to meet Steve in person for many years, so it worked out well for us on this trip.

Today Steve took me around many parts of Terrace to meet people from Excel Transportation. We saw many Excel chip B-Trains on drive from Quesnel to Terrace, but mostly from Prince George to Terrace. We walked around the yard, but most of the trucks were out moving loads, but there were a few trucks to photograph at their Terrace yard.

We then went further along Keith Ave. to Mur-Ford Contracting. Steve introduced me to Jim Murray Jr., who was working on a logging trailer. Steve had arranged with Jim Junior for me to ride with one of their drivers the next day up into the woods to bring a load ot export logs back into Terrace. I had wanted to ride in a logging truck ever since I was a little kid of three, when my Dad drove logging truck. But I was too little to ride with Dad, so this was my first time riding in a logging truck. It was a great time and I enjoyed myself immensely.

We then travelled to the west end of Terrace to NNC (Nechako Northcoast Contractors). They have the highway maintenance contract in the Terrace area.

We also stopped in at a few spots in Terrace for pictures, which included one of their fire halls, the Kenworth dealership and some other spots. Here are some pictures of the trucks I photographed today.

Day 7

Day seven was a day I won't forget for a long time. Today I got to ride in a logging truck from Terrace and up into the bush at Copper Mountain. I rode with Al Webb, who words for Mur-Ford Contractors. Normally Al drives a Freightliner tri-drive with a tri-axle trailer, but his trailer was in the shop. So today Al drove a tri-drive Western Star with a tri-axle trailer. I would have liked a Pete or Kenworth, but this worked fine for my first ride in a logging truck.

The logging road was your typical logging road, only one lane. So All was on the radio every mile to let anyone on the road know where he was. As it happened, we were the only logging truck on that road today, but Al was on the radio anyway.

The weather was raining most of the time we were in the bush, but that didn't stop me at all from taking pictures. At the top of the mountain, where we were loaded the mosquitoes were everywhere and hungry for blood too. I complained to one of the fallers and he just told me that I was lucky it was raining else the mosquitoes would have been a lot worse.

We were eventually loaded and Al wrapped the load (three wrappers) and away we went down the hill. The first stretch of our decent was the steepest part. When All came to the junction in the roads, he checked the wrappers to make sure they were good and tight. We continued down the mountain untill we came back down to Highway 16. Along the way down the logging road we only met up with one pickup.

We drove to the dry sort on the west end of Terrace and Al drove over the scales and then proceeded to where he was directed to get unloaded.

Once we were unloaded Al went back over the scaled and then loaded his trailer and dropped me back off at the Mur-Ford yard nearby.

Here are pictures of my "Day in the Bush" with Al Webb.

Day 8

On day eight of our vacation, we took a drive with my in-laws to Prince Rupert. We travelled along Highway 16 as far as it would go before the ocean.

Here are pictures I took while we were on the road. I wasn't driving this time.

Here are some scenic pictures from our day trip to Prince Rupert.

Day 9

We didn't go anywhere today, but we did take a walk at Ferry Island Park at Terrace today.

Here are pictures from our "Walk in the Park."

Day 10

On day 10 we started our way back home from Terrace. Today we only went as far as Prince George. Here are some road pictures from our trip today.

Day 11

Today we were not sure how far we would drive today. We had discussed staying somewhere around Clinton or Cache Creek, but I couldn't find anything worthy of our presence, so we just drove all the way home today. It was only about 10 hours or so and the time went pretty quickly. Lot of pictures were taken by Virginia and myself. Here are some road pictures from the last day of our road trip.

Prince George to Cache Creek along Highway 97 (Cariboo Highway)

Cache Creek to Rosedale along Highway 1 (Trans Canada Highway)

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