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Collection of shoulder patches of companies that Ted drove for

Ted cook started driving bus in 1952 in Victora B.C. to 1971. Then went driving for Trailways for 3 years in Vancouver, then a short job as their driver manager for 1 year in charge of 85 drivers. Then decided that driveing was better and went driveing for B.C. Transit in Vancouver, Oakridge transit centre, Kensington transit centre. Then North Vancouver transit centre. Ted retired from driving in 1994 from the Burnaby transit centre.

Mack gas powered. Purchased by B.C. Electric late 1940's, was still in use in the late 1960's. Brill highway Coaches owned by B.C. Hydro and Royal Blueline, used for Sightseening and charter tours. Brill gas powered 6 cyclinder, purchased in the late 1940's was still going strong in the early 1970's, B.C. Electric & B.C. Hydro owners.
Converted Transit Brill for sightseeing use. 1950's Western Flyer, B.C. Hydro Transit and Royal Blueline, used for sightseeing and charters. 1960 Voyageur, Sightseeing and charters.
Post card of Canadian Car---(Brill) model T-48, built in 1949, seats: 48 standing total: 88, powered by GE 140hp. Total # of T-44 & T-48 coaches built: 1,098 Prevost, 5 speed manual shift. Kensington transit centre. End of its life
Western Flyer, Kensington Transit centre. Day off work with out pay. 1970 GM driver Ted Cook. North Vancouver Transit Centre.
Silver Eagle charter Trailways #102 MCI 7 V8 diesel being loaded on to a flat car. Skagway Alaska 1994 White Pass and Yukon railway narrow guage railway.
MCI 7 V8 diesel, 1970 Trailways #108 Vancouver Seattle bus lines (Trailways) purchased in Germany 1974 350 Cummins was installed in Los Angeles. Could be lowered from 13 ft. 6 in. to 13 ft. by a flip of a switch. Could carry 72 passenger's 52 top and 20 bottom. Used for charter tours.
1960 GM in line 6 cyclinder diesel B.C. Hydro. GM V6 diesel B.C. Hydro, sometime in the 1960's
B.C. Transit buses GM on the left and Flyers on the right B.C. Transit buses all Flyers B.C. Transit buses
Row of GM buses Weeks off with out pay MCI B.C. Transit
Ted in front of a Flyer shortly before retirement

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