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James House Diamond Reo No. 85 photographed in the summer of 1988. The truck to the right is unit 69, pictured earlier in salvage yard. When these photos were taken these trucks were still being used daily and were approximately fifteen years old at that time. James House unit 85 as it looks today sitting in a northern Michigan salvage yard in the summer of 2000. Slowly deteriorating, notice the cab roof is caved in. Most, if not all of the House trucks ended up in this salvage yard. James House Peterbilt number 25, also photographed in the summer of 1988.
James House Peterbilt number 21 photographed in 1988. James House Peterbilt number 25, photographed in the summer of 2000 in a northern Michigan salvage yard.

These are some of the photos I have from a truck graveyard in northern Michigan. A lot of these trucks are from Rex Transportation and James House & Sons, it appears as though this yard bought out these companies' entire fleets. Both were bulk carriers that dealt in transporting powdered cement in tankers. They also used flatbeds for bagged cement. Rex also carried petroleum products as well. James House is now out of business and Rex is a much smaller carrier than it used to be.
Former Rex Transportation (Detroit, MI) Diamond Reo. Former James House (Essexville, MI) Diamond T. Former Michigan Aggregate Haulers Mack F model.
Former James House Diamond Reo, unit 69. Overall view of some former Rex Transportation Diamond Reos. Ex-N&K Cement Transport Diamond Reo short conventional, now wearing Rex Transportation logos (I think Rex bought N&K out).
Another James House Diamond Reo, unit 57. Diamond Reo cabover, ex-Dobson Truck Equipment (Bay City, MI).

Diamond Reo Giant roll-off garbage truck owned by Peoples' Garbage. Early Diamond Reo Giant owned by Eldred Excavating and Demolition of Auburn, MI. Early 80's Diamond Reo Giant owned by Hirschfield Steel of Bay City, MI. Photographed in the summer of 2001.
Mack powder train owned by J.A. Holtrop. Restored 1967 Reo, photographed at a truck show in Lansing, MI. Old Peterbilt dump truck pulling a six-axle trailer owned by R&R Excavating of Vassar, MI. Photographed in the late 1990's.
GMC Astro owned by A.D. Shell of Gladwin, MI, working on a parking lot repaving project. Diamond Reo Raider tow truck owned by Reed & Hoppes, photographed at a truck show in Lansing, MI. This photo was sent to me by Bryan Atchley of Howell, MI. This is the truck that he drives every day, a 2006 Kenworth T-800 High Hood with a Cat C-15  475 hp accert engine. The trailers are a set of `05 Rhodes, with a traditional Michigan "triple ten" axle configuration. This is a really beautiful truck, check out the nice polished aluminum wheels and how nice and shiny the trailers still are. I hope he can keep them looking this nice.
Diamond Reo C9064D owned by Boese Equipment Company of Saginaw, MI. Originally owned by N&K Cement, pulled a cement powder train. Original colors were light gray with black fenders. Early 70's Diamond Reos still earning their keep. Photographed January 2006 in Bay City, MI at Cnudde Asphalt plant.
My toy, a 1970 Diamond Reo C114 Michigan Special. It's a work in progress. 1968 Diamond Reo C114. Photographed September 2004 at an antique tractor show in Clio, MI. New arrival at northern Michigan junkyard in April 2005. Ex-Andersen Sand & Gravel C9064D Diamond Reo. Truck's registration was found above sun visor, verifying Andersen's ownership. Odometer shows only 132,000. This tractor spent most of its career working in Andersen's gravel pit in Vassar, MI, resulting in the low mileage. I remember riding in this truck when it was brand new, as my dad was its first driver.

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