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Inter-City Trucking Service of Detroit, Michigan, 1962 Chev 80 Series gas pot. 1962-63 "REX" (REO) powered by a 6 cylinder Gold Comet gas. Rex made the mixer and they bought the REO chassis and put the Rex name on the grill. E. Brock Matlock Transport from Lansdown, PA 1961 Ford 1100 Big Job Series 534 V8 gas engine.
Fuller Motor Express of Columbia, SC 1962 DF 7000 GMC "Crackerbox" straight truck and wagon. David Brown Transport of Waterville, NS 1999 Western Star. Photo by Tony Moore. 1948 Chev 3/4 Ton pickup taken by me in Melville, Saskatchewan in October 2009.
1948 GMC taken at Melville, Saskatchewan in October 2009. 1959 Mercury M600 grain truck still in use taken at Melville, Saskatchewan in October 2009. 1954 International R110 taken at Melville, Saskatchewan in October 2009.
1961-62 White 2000 (REO) 6x6 6 cylinder Reo Gold Comet engine was owned by The Oliver Stores of New Gloucester, Maine. Taken in Amherst, Maine in November 2009. Hannaford Markets (Hannaford Transport) of South Portland, Maine taken at Dysarts Trucks Stop in Bangor, Maine in November 2009 Sterling "Low Profile" car carrier with a load of GM products taken at Dysarts Trucks Stop in Bangor, Maine in November 2009.
I took this picture at Canadian Freightways Victoria, BC terminal in October 2009. It's a Freightliner unit #128-114 pulling two trailers. One in old CF colors and the other in the new TransForce colors. They use this Freightliner just around Vancouver Island. Boston & Rockland Transportation from Rockland, Maine
1955 GMC 6 cylinder 503 gas job taken in Halifax
C. Mills Trucking of Halifax, NS
A GMC "Crackerbox" cab on a 1 ton Chevy 6 cylinder.
Colossal Carriers of Montreal, Quebec
1972 Kenworth taken a Gloucester, Mass loaded with fish.
Peplow Transport of Guelph, ON
Ford, Diamond T, Canada Leyland and a GMC COE.
Peplow Transport Photo.
Rimouski Transport of Rimouski, Quebec
1975 KW pulling a set of Quebec Doubles.
Rimouski Transport Photo.
Yellow Transit Freight Lines (Steel Division)
1959 Diamond T Model 921D Cummins Powered
Reliable Transport of Toronto, ON
1961 Reo 6 Cylinder Gold Comet gas engine.
Dave Baker - Dave's Trucking
1978 International 4070B
leased to M&D Transfer now Day & Ross
Harkema Express Lines of Brampton, ON
1973 White Western Star Cummins Powered
Harkema Express Lines Photo
Kingsway Transport of Toronto, ON
1982 Autocar Model AT64F Cummins Powered
Doug Grieve Photo
Crouch Bros. Inc. of St Joseph, MO
1969 Ford W1000 Cummins Powered
Crouch Bros. Inc. Photo
Kenmore Transportation of Worcester, Mass
1968 White 7000 Series Cummins Powered
M. Hale Photo
Ross T. MacDonald Refrigerated Transport of Hubbards, NS
1982 Freightliner Cat Powered
Ringsby Truck Lines of Denver, CO Unit # 3070
1960's Freightliner Model WF4864 "Spacemaker" Cummins Powered
Ringsby Truck Lines Photo
Crawford Cartage of Hamilton, ON
1946-47 Mercury V-8 gas job
Dominion Builing Materials of Halifax, NS
1949 Mercury V-8 gas job
Some Old Trucking Ads
Wallace Transport Ltd
White 4400
Montreal Ottawa Express Ltd
White WC22
Norton Motor Lines Ltd
Mack B-61
Provost Cartage Ltd
White WC22 and White 9000
Hanson Transport Company Ltd
White WC22
Scott demo truck Mack Ultraliner taken at a used truck lot.
Ben Mills Photo ©
Freightliner FLB COE owned by FMTX of New Brunswick.
Photo by T. Brad Dunkin

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