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Shamrock Van Lines 1964 Chev T Series tilt cab diesel V6 Detroit power. Photographer Unknown. 1970/71 Ralph MFg in South Africa. Photographer Unknown. Associated Transport 1991 International D400 taken in New York. Photographer Unknown.
Greyhound Van Lines 1968 International Model F200D taken in Chicago, IL. Photographer Unknown. 1987/88 Challenger made in Port Alberni, BC. 500 HP E9 V8 Mack diesel. A Challenger picture. ICX (Illinois California eXpress) 1975 International ConCo model F4170 taken in Denver, CO. Photographer Unknown.
Delta Lines of Oakland California 1970 International Unistar Model 7044 4x4. Photographer Unknown. 1955 Diamond T model 921 series with Cummins Diesel. Joe Wanchura Photo. 1944-45 International Ex-Military model H542 powered by a 450 Red Diamond 6 cylinder gas pot. Joe Wanchura Photo.
1947 KBR 14 International powered by a R6586 Continental gas job with a 14 yard dump. Joe Wanchura Photo. 1947 KB12 International powered by a R6586 Continental gas job. Joe Wanchura Photo. 1937 Walkter 4x4 powered by a 6 cylinder Waukesha gas job. Joe Wanchura Photo.
1948 Corbitt diesel HB150 Cummins engine. Corbitt trucks were made in North Carolina. Joe Wanchura Photo. Convoy Co. Portland, OR built some of their own trucks using a Ford car. This is one of them hauling 1953 Nash cars. Joe Wanchura Photo. 1948 GMC model ACDR 900 series sleeper tractor powered by a 6-71 Jimmie Diesel. Joe Wanchura Photo.
1953 Hendrickson diesel Cummins powered International cab. Joe Wanchura Photo. 1951 Kenworth model 521 Cummins diesel powered Los Angles Seattle Motor Express taken at Seattle. Joe Wanchura Photo. 1948 International "W" Series West Coast Emeryville. Joe Wanchura Photo.
1952 International LD405 diesel West Coast Emeryville Cummins powered. Joe Wanchura Photo. 1990's Oshkosh M911 CHET heavy equipment transporter, Cat powered military truck. Don Heatherton photo. 1975 Dodge Big Horn for H. Sutherland Construction of Owen Souns, Ontario. Powered by a 350 Cummins. Photographer unknown.
1974 RRC (Rubber Railway Co.) from Cambridge, Ontario articulated mixer. Powered by a V903 Cummins. Photographer unknown. Nova Scotia Transportation 1975 Scot powered by a 350 Cummins. The Scot was rebuilt using an International S Series cab. The Scot trucks were used to plow snow and road maintenance. T. Brad Dunkin Photo. Nova Scotia Transportation 1975-76 Scot dump and plow rig. Cummins powered. T. Brad Dunkin Photo.
Nova Scotia Transportation 1975-76 Scot 4x4 Cummins powered. Mainly a snow plow truck. T. Brad Dunkin Photo. Nova Scotia Transportation 1974 Scot AH1 (Ford Louisville cab), Cummins powered Maintenance Department tow truck. T. Brad Dunkin Photo. Riss and Company 1948 Corbitt diesel from Kansas City, MO. Photo by Joe Wanchura.
1993 HME "Bullet" (formerly Hendrickson) for Valley Truck Parts taken at Grand Rapids, Michigan 1975 Scot potato truck for Cavendish Farms (Irving) from Prince Edward Island Frank W. Hake, Inc. Eddystone, PA special built Euclikd for heavy hauling
1994 Ford Aeromax for Keith's Beer, a Ryder tractor with a 350 Cummins An advertisment for Scot trucks 1985 International 9670 with a 350 Cummins. This truck was a tractor, but then made into a dump truck with a pusher axle.
Maine Maritime Express Lines from St John, New Brunswick. Maine-Maritime was bought out by Day & Ross. This is a Cummins powered Hayes Clipper COE M&D Transport from St John, NB, a Day & Ross company. Hayes F Model with a Mack cab (Haymack) 1975 Hayes, the best of the Hayes with a Peterbilt cab
Sicard potato truck taken at Wood Island, PEI Clark Tank Lines Cummins powered 1954 Kenworth from Salt Lake City, UT Paul E. Ace Trucking Freightliners from Stroudberg, PA. Ace is mainly a beer hauler.
International 9600 for Anatolia Tile taken at the City of Vaughan. Ben Mills Collection.
1959 Mack H63 used to advertise Gilli's Truck Stop near New Liskeard, Ontario. Robert Smith Photo. 1938 Hendrickson for Rogers Cartage Chicago. Photo by Joe Wanchura 1946 FWD oil well service trucks taken at Crossbille, IL. Photo by Joe Wanchura
1951 Mack LMSW logger with a Cummins Diesel. 1970 International model CO7044 Unistar 4x4 operated by Garrett Freight Lines from Pocatella, Idaho. 1951 International L405 Cummins powered operated by Harris Express of Charlotte, NV. Photo by Joe Wanchura
1970 M Series International dump truck with Cummins power 1947 W Series International Emeryville restored and customized with dual headlights and chrome goods. It was probably powered by a Cummins. 1962 Sicard COE made in Montreal, Quebec, owned by Davison Transport from Halifax, NS and Montreal, with a 250 Cummins and 10 speed Road Ranger. This truck was rebuilt with a 1955 GMC 630 front end. Sicard became part of Kenworth in the late 60's. Davison ran freight from Halifax to Montreal for the CNR. T. Brad Dunkin Photo.
1957 Reo model BL733 diesel. It had a new cab with a slant back windshield. There wasn't too many of these models built, as a few years later Reo' were changed to Diamond Reo. Reo Motors Picture. 1947 Autocar single axle sleeper cab with Cummins diesel power and 24" rubber. Joe Wanchura Photo Muncie, Indiana Another great action show taken by Joe Wanchura in the Chicago area around 1948. Moland Bros. Trucking from Duluth, Minnesota. The truck is a 1947-48 Hendrickson single axle day cab powered by Cummins diesel. Hendrickson was manufactured in the Chicago area.
1958 Diamond T model 921F, long wheel base day cab. Western style tractor operated by P.M.T. (Pacific Motor Trucking Co. of San Francisco, California and a division of the Southern Pacific Railroad). P.M.T. Photo. 1966 Aveling - Barford 30 ton dump. They used Rolls-Royce, Detroit and Cummins Diesels and were later taken over by British Leyland. The picture is from Truck Magazine. 1995 Fargo manufactured by Chrysler of Turkey. A "Truck & Driver Magazine" picture.
1975 Dodge Big Horn, 350 Cummins owned by an O/O leasted to Day & Ross of Hartland, NB. Photo by T. Brad Dunkin. 1954 Hanomag 4x4 diesel used as a camper. Taken at the Ceres Container Pier in Halifax, NS. Photo by T. Brad Dunkin. 1960's Hendrickson with an International cab. Stone Trucking Co. of Indianapolis, IN. Joe Wanchura Photo
1960 Hendrickson diesel tractor with International cab. TMX Transport Motor Express of Fort Wayne, IN. Joe Wanchura Photo 1965 Ford NT-950 for Atlantic Richfield Oil taken at Philadelphia, PA. Altlantic Richfield Photo 1947 Autocar diesel oil field bed truck. Joe Wanchura Photo
1953 Kenworth CBE for Interstate Motor Lines of Salt Lake City, UT. Joe Wanchura Photo 1930-31 International W3 pulling three wagons. Keeshin Transportation of Toledo, OH. Photographer Unknown 1960's White Freightliner for LASME (Los Angeles Seattle Motor Express). Photographer Unknown
1970's White Freightliner for Transcon Line of Los Angeles, CA. Photographer Unknown Kenworth C500 bed truck Alberta oil field rig. Photo by Nertz Tarnasky Hayes Pacific Sales Ltd. letterhead
Smith Transport Toronto, ON unit# DC 234, 1963 International DCO-405 single axle day cab, Cummins Power Smith Transport Toronto, ON unit# DC 523, 1966 White 7000 day cab Cummins Power pulling a stake/rack rag top semi. Big Wheels Transport and Leasing from Kensington, PEI unit# 17 1989 Mack MH613 Ultraliner. A Big Wheels photo.
Howard Johnson's Ice-Cream 1961 Mack Model N-92 gas pot with a "Budd" cab. Same as the C Series Ford's. Howard Johnson Photo 1951 Autocar taken at a Volvo dealer's lot in Rhode Island. George Fiebe Photo Polestar Transport, Division of Armour Transportation Systems of Moncton, NB, unit #519 Volvo.
Midland Transport advertisement with a Scot truck Echo Bay Transport 2000 Chevy Top Kick with Cat Power from Halifax, NS 1980 Kenworth Aerodyne owned by a film production company in Halifax, NS
Dunkin Donuts (I wish it was my company) taken at a rest area on the New Jersey turnpike. 1975-76 Scot ex Canadian Armed Forces with KT450 Cummins power. Picture by Doug McKenzie. This Scot was owned by a company in Ontario. 1951 Autocar C70 powered by a 6 cylinder Autocar "Blue-Streak" gas engine, owned by The Armored Car Division of Arrow Carrier Corp, Carlstadt, NJ. Arrow Carrier Photo.
1964 Ford H Series powered by a 1673 Cat diesel, owned by ABF Freight System, Ford Smith, Arkansas. ABF Photo. 1972 Dodge LNT 1000 day cab with a 1673 Cat diesel, owned by Interstate Motor Freight of Grand Rapids, Michigan. IMF Photo. 1964 International DCO-405 Emeryville COE day cabs with 16773 Cat power owned by Burlington Truck Lines of Galesburg, ILL. A BTL Photo.
1963 White Freightliner with 1673 Cat diesel power for Navajo Freight Lines of Denver, CO. A Navajo Photo. 1964 Kenworth with Cat power owned by Cantlay-Tanzola Transportation of Los Angeles, CA. 1955 Linn "Speed Van" front wheel drive and powered by a 6 cylinder Hercules gas engine. Manufactured by Great American Industries of Oneonta, NY. A Linn Trucks Photo.
1986 Peterbilt 359, Cat powered. This truck is from Prince Edward Island and ran weekly from PEI down the eastern Seaboard of the USA. 1973 Chevy Titan 90 day cab operated by CP Express in the Quebec City area. Paul Leger Photo. 1982 GMC Brigadier 6-71 GM diesel owned by Nesel Fast Freight of Toronto, ON.

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