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1951 White 3000 Halifax Transfer taken in Halifax, NS 1977 Dyna with an Autocar cab manufactured in Toronto, Ontario 1973 Rubber Railroad with a Dodge cab manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario
1962 Peninsula manufactured in Welland, Ontario owned by D.M. Sindell Transport of New Hamburg, Ontario 1962 Peninsula owned by Reid Keys Maritime Ontario Freight Lines of Toronto, Ontario 1954 Leyland "Bison" manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, owned by Weller Tree Service of Keswick, Ontario
1953 Canadian Leyland "Bison" for Wallace Transport of Port Colborne, Ontario 1955 Canadian Leyland 1957 "Canada" Leyland manufactured in Montreal, Quebec with a Can-Car trailer
1957 "Canada" Leyland owned by Asphalt Services from Saskatoon, SK

1948 Ward LaFrance wrecker for the City of New York 1950 Ward LaFrance Model D-1 brochure 1950 Ward LaFrance brochure
Model D5T8
Model D1T8
Model D5RT4
Ward LaFrance Model D7NST8 Ward LaFrance Model D3ST8 Ward LaFrance Model D5T6
Ward LaFrance Model D5T8 Ward LaFrance Model D4KT8 Ward LaFrance Model M-1 wrecker used in World War II
Ward LaFrance Model D7NST7 Ward LaFrance Model D1T2

Eddie Stobart Express from Carlisle, England. I visited there in July 1999. Eddie Stobart names all of his trucks after women. 1998 Volvo "Janine Stephanie" 1998 MAN "Danielle Kara" Douglas Tugmaster taken at the Port of Tyne England Container Terminal
1951 GMC 1 1/2 Ton Roadway Express CL-9000 Ford from Akron, OH 1964 Ford C Series Super Duty 534 V-8 gas job owned by Ross MacDonald Refrigerated Transport from Hubbards, NS
1954 Crown. Manufactured by Crown Coach Corporation in Los Angeles, CA. The truck is owned by Ivers Transportation from Stockton, CA Peterbilt 379 operated out of Newfoundland
Australian Kenworth. Kenworth has a plant in Australia 1988 "Giant" C-11664. Manufactured by Osterlund, Inc. at Harrisburg, PA. Osterlund bought the rights to Diamond-Reo. 1988 "Giant" air cooled V/8 Deutz diesel
1946 Kenworth chassis and cab 1948 "Reo" model 31. Powered by a Continental gas engine. The picture was taken in Bangor, Maine. The Reo is pulling a 24' single axle Gindy wagon. 1952 "Cook-Bros" Model C-12, featuring the Continental gas or Cummins diesels and also available with single or tandem chain drive. The truck was manufactured by Cook Bros Equipment Co. of Los Angeles, CA
1975 Scot off highway. This special Scot was manufactured for Heath Steel Mills of Miramichi, NB 1999 Freightliner used in Australia to pull road trains. 1951 Dodge "Job-Rated Trucks" owned by Husband Trasnport Ltd of London, ON
1971 Oshkosh E Series Cat powered 1975/76 SCOT COE CH-1 1953 Available. Available trucks were manufactured in Chicago, IL from 1910 to the 1950's with it was bought out by Crane Carrier Corp. of Tulsa, OK
Scot truck ad from a newspaper Coles Express history in trucks (1917-1987) 1963 "CCC" (Crane Carrier Corp) Model "DHT-704" highway tractor, taken at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
1966 Jimmy Crackerbox owned by Dick Willey, taken at West Hill, Ontario. Dick Willey Photo. 1952 Thornycroft "Mighty Antar" powered by a Rolls-Royce diesel, manufactured in England. Used for oil field work and heavy haul 1961 Berliet diesel off-highway tractors made in France. Peninsula Trucks of Welland, Ontario was a dealer for Berliet trucks in 1960/61. I am not sure if any were sold.
1963 CCC Model DHT-704 1948 Fargo tow truck for Purdy Motors of Halifax, NS 1950'a Brockways with 6 cylinder Continiental gas engines
1946 Brockway Model M-146 with a 6 cylinder Continenal gas engine 1950 Freightliner Model 800 west coast tanker and pull trailer 1954 "Cornbinder" RDC-405 for PIE ( Pacific Intermountain Express ) from Oakland, CA
"Miss Peterbilt" My daughter, Sandra Dunkin taken at the BC Big Rig Weekend at Mission on June 25, 2005 A Dyna-Tel from Alberta, taken in Halifax and being shipped to Cuba A future truck driver. "Jake the Trucker" - Cat hat, chain drive wallett, work boots.
1954 White Model WC2462 with a Cummins engine for Merchants Fast Motor Lines of Texas Peterbilt locomotive crane for CN 1950 White 3000 for Continental Transportation Lines of McKees Rock , PA
1955 Reo A700 with a V8 gas engine 1962 Hendrickson with International cab for Southern Express of Chicago 1930 Foden "Steam Powered" made in England. Foden is now owned by Paccar
1947 MacDonald, made in San Francisco, California. They had a frame that raised and lowered for loading and unloading. MacDonald was taken over by Peterbilt in the early 50's. 1935 ESCO (Exhibitors Service Co) from Pittsburgh, PA. They were a copy of Sterling trucks and were only made from 3 or 4 years. 1950 Ward LaFrance diesel (Cummins). A Joe Wanchura photo.
1951 Ward LaFrance with Cummins diesel engine for Werner Transportation of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Joe Wanchura photo. 1950 Sterling diesel (Cummins). This is a Joe Wanchura photo. 1971 Hayes COE with a Mack cab
1971 Mack F700 1971 Brockway COE with a Mack cab 1960 International B-180 (gas job) for CN taken at Montreal, Quebec
1964 Diamond T 931-C for International Transport from Rochester, Minnesota 1963 Canadian Kenworth for M&P Transport taken at Winnipeg, Manitoba 1954 GMC DF923 6-71 diesel for Riss & Company from Kansas City, MO
1974 Mack DM for G. M Smith from Unionville, Ontario. That's T. Brad Dunkin standing beside the Mack. 1974 Brockway 360 for Rowcliffe Trucking of New York 1951 Brockway diesel for C.C. Febiger Refrigerated Transport taken at Essex, Mass.
Husband Transport Ltd. ( CN company) 1971 Dodge "LNT 1000" Diesel taken at London, Ontario 1961 Kenworth CP Transport taken at Vancouver, BC with Willock float trailer carrying a D9 Cat CP Transport Vancouver, BC 1961 Autocar for A. Lupul Transport Edmonton, Alberta

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