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Prairie Pacific Transport and Hunt Transport

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Prairie Pacific Transport
These are trucks that Gerry Knopp had on with Prairie Pacific Transport
This driver is George Vold Driver Ron Elliot, who actually drove for Miller & Brown Driver unknown
Prairie Pacific White Prairie Pacific White
Prairie Pacific White Prairie Pacific White Three of Gerry Knopp's trucks on with Prairie Pacific Transport

This next group of pictures belong to the Glen Solly Collection
My Dad Ernest F. Solly (1927 - 2004)

My Dad started with Gerry Knopp in around 1956 at Vancouver, BC as one of the first drivers for Prairie Pacific Transport. My Dad drove the #7 Hayes, and ran double as a team with Billy Marr for years. Vancouver - Edmonton run through, the states highways, #99 and #2 in Washington, in Idaho #95 to Kingsgate, BC then #3 to Alberta, #2 to Edmonton, as there was no Trans Canada Highway at that time. Dad would always leave on Saturday afternoon as we lived in New Westminster at the time, and he would meet with Billy Marr at the scale at now Highway #1 and 152nd Street to start their trip, which would take seven days. Upon arriving in Edmonton they would unload and reload by hand and then back to Vancouver to unload Friday morning by hand. Then they would would take the empty trailer back to the yard in Burnaby and hook on on one that was already loaded for them. Then be back at home Friday night till Saturday afternoon. Then they would do it all again.

For five years my Dad did the trip every week with little or no time off. Then in 1960 Dad had an opportunity to be home more and took a transfer to Medicine Hat (Redcliff) to Regina, Saskatchewan to the branch there. And of course I would be in the "jump-seat" every trip with Dad. He drove the old Kenworth that was now stationed at Medicine Hat.

I remember Dad having twin sticks and would shift one stick with his left arm through the big white steering wheel and grab the other stick with his right hand and shift the gears as we drove down the road. I also remember the long butterfly hood with the radiator cap at the end of the hood. On the dashboard there were many red buttons (circuit breakers) and a sign that said, "Canadian Kenworth Vancouver, BC". Well it was inevitable as to what I was going to do with my life...

In late 1964 Dad got transferred back to Vancouver and went into the warehouse as foreman, then dispatcher, and then a salesman for Hunt Transport Ltd. Dad never drove truck after that. My Dad and Mom were very close friends with Gerry and Charlene Knopp and the girls. I remember going out to their farm in Langley, after they moved from the house in Surrey, which wasn't too far from our house on 135A Street.

Dad remained with Gerry and Hunt Transport, which was eventually bought out by Reimer Express Lines in 1970. Gerry Knopp passed away unexpectedly that year. A few months later all employees of Hunt Transport were given termination notices and the Prairie Pacific/Hunt Transport name disappeaerd inside Reimer Express Lines forever...

So very soon after the termination notices from Reimer, the ex employees of Hunt Transport were called upon by Alltran Express to start up a new division and they would be called Transall Motor Freight. This was a flatdeck/lowbed division that ran back to eastern Canada from 1971 - 1974 and all the trucks were painted in Hunt Transport colors. By the end of 1974, Alltrans Express closed down this division. Dad was promoted to warehouse foreman for the Alltrans north division and remained there till Alltrans closed up in 1976 forever.

I do believe the my Dad was a pioneer for the transportation industry in the early days of trucking in the 1950's and 60's. And paved the way for all of us out here today... from the 250hp engines and twin stick trannies with very little comforts; heater and fans, no air-ride; load your own freight/unload your own freight and "Six Days on the Road" for one trip!! To our modern 500-600hp aire-ride trucks and trailers that haul twice the weight and cover the same distance in half the time. So a BIG THANK YOU to all the old gear jammers and the sacrificed they made to deliver the goods to us..

Hats off to "THE PRE-65 LINE DRIVERS"

My Dad taught me to drive. As I have tried to continue in his footsteps for the past 33 years he is sadly missed.

This iis my dedication to my Dad, ERNEST F. SOLLY

My Dad now rides with my in the jump seat...

Thank you, Glen W. Solly
Doreen and Ernie Solly Ernie and Doreen Solly (center) with Bob and Georgie Cervo (Bob also drove for Gerry. He drove the Hayes that Ross Stevens restored) Hayes Clipper that Ernie drove for Gerry
Ernie Solly and Billy Marr Billy Marr Twin to the Hayes that Ross Stevens restored
Ernie Solly with unknown driver Alan and Glen Solly
Ernie's business cards

Ken and Alice Lauire. Ken owned Prairie Pacific, and then was one of the group of five that bought Hunt from Porter
This business card is from Russ Roper. Russ worked for Hunt after finishing high school in Alberta. Russ boarded with Gerry Knopp's family. He worked his way to to dispatcher. He is the operations manager for OCTS in Alberta. OCTS is owned by Merv Rusnak. Merv had several trucks on with Hunt Transport.

Glen Solly Model Collection
Glen Solly built this model of a Hunt Transport Kenworth
Glen Solly built this model of a Transall Freightliner

Glen Solly's business card

Glen's Kenworth
Glen's Kenworth taken by Hank Suderman
from the Glover Road Overpass
Glen's Kenworth taken by Hank Suderman
along Yale Road East near Chilliwack

Hunt Transport
Hunt Transport sign from the rear of one of their trailers
Accident involving a Hunt Transport truck and a Studebaker, at the east end of the Port Mann Bridge (Johnson Hill)
Gerry's 1956 Canadian Kenworth.
From Nertz Tarnasky
Gerry Knopp's business card This is believed to be the first factory installed Cat engine.
From Nertz Tarnasky
Hunt Transport Hayes Clipper after an accident
A sad way to see a Hayes Artwork done by Gene Pasini Hunt Transport memo pad

Enterprise Brewery Hayes with integral sleeper. Thanks for Ross Stevens for a copy of this picture. Article from Pro-Trucker Magazine about the restoration of Ross Stevens' 1955 Hayes
Photos taken of Ross Stevens' 1955 Hayes Clipper at the BC Big Rig Weekend at Mission BC in 2006

Reimer Newsletter with news of Gerry Knopp passing away

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