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A snoot nosed SD40-2. Part of the 9 engine helper unit. December 1995 SD40-2 5169 part of the 9 unit helper set at Walong Siding. December 1995 SD40-2 5162, part of the 9 engine helper set. Taken at Walong Siding on December 26, 1995. GP60B 343, part of a 9 unit helper set, December 1995.
A Santa Fe freight approaching Tunnel 10, east of the Tehachapi Loop,
May 1986.
SD40-2 5201 eastbound at Caliente, CA, taken May 1986. SD45 5366 heading downhill at Walong Siding, taken May 1986.
SD45 5430 westbound at the Tehachapi Loop, May 1986. B40-8 7440 eastbound heading toward Caliente, CA, taken May 1986. A set of helpers going downhill with C30-7 8031 leading the pack. May 1986. A four unit set with 8152, a C30-7, leading other units, including a kodachrome SDP45, taken as it enters the tunnel at the Tehachapi Loop in May 1986.
Same train as previous, now it is over the tunnel it just entered. 8152 leading. Taken in May 1986. Four Santa Fe engines entering a tunnel near Marcel, an SD24, SD45-2, and some SD45's. Taken in December 1976. Same train as previous, near Marcel, December 1976.
A Santa Fe intermodal train goes downhill at Walong with 511, a B40-8W, leading. Taken December 1995. Another Santa Fe intermodal train going downhill at Walong with 532 leading. Taken in December 1995. Same train, different view of previous train. Same train as previous, taken nearer to Bakersfield, CA. in December 1995.
Another view of the previous train.
Taken in December 1995.
Santa Fe F7 on display at the Sacramento, CA state museum, taken December 1992. Another view of the Santa Fe F7 at Sacramento, CA museum, taken December 1992. A freshly painted SD45 in merger colors at Tehachapi, CA. Taken in May 1986.

A Santa Fe SDF45, # 5974 at Woodford, CA on December 1992. A Santa Fe train heading up toward the Loop crossing the Tehachapi Creek bridge, May 1989. Santa Fe 3834 pulling in intermodal train at Waylong Siding. December 1995.
SD45 5371 eastbound at the Tehachapi Loop, taken in May 1986. Same Santa Fe freight blasts out of tunnel 9 at Tehachapi Loop, May 1986.
Santa Fe 3850 GP50 making its way along Walong Siding, taken in May 1986. Santa Fe 5430 SD45 taken at Waylong Siding in May 1986. Santa Fe freight train taken from above Tunnel 10 at the Tehachapi Loop, taken in May 1986.

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