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Scot C2HD tanker. Irving Oil of Charlottetown, PEI, taken in June 1975. These trucks were powered with Ford ci V-8 gas engines and 10-speed Fuller transmissions. Doug McKenzie Collection. Scot A1HD tractor. Irving Oil or Charlottetown, PEI, taken in June 1975. Note that the hood tilts while fenders remain stationary. This tractor has a 335 Cummins engine. Doug McKenzie Collection. New Brunswick Department of Highways Scot snowplow, taken at Sussex, New Brunswick. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Scot A1HD tractor taken at Sussex, New Brunswick in June 1994. This is a prototype Scot that was in storage at that time. The re-cap tire on right front wheel is not a standard procedure. Doug McKenzie Collection. Scot A2HD tractor, also at Sussex, New Brunswick in June 1994. This could be one of the last Scot tractors ever built. This tractor is in storage. RST stands for Road and Sea Transport and is an autonomous subsidiary of Midland Transport. Doug McKenzie Collection. Two Scot A1HD tractors in storage at Sussex, New Brunswick in June 1994. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Restored Scot A1HD. This tractor was in daily service in Bedford, Nove Scotia in July 1994. This tractor had a completely new OEM Ford cab, including Ford's fully padded and carpeted interior, and the tilt/tele steering wheel carried the Ford blue oval in the horn button. The original Ford cabs used on A1 Scots carried a much different instrument setup. Doug McKenzie Collection.

John Dysart Ltd. Scot C2HD dump truck/snowplow taken at Sussex, New Brunswick in December 1996. Doug McKenzie Collection.

Anyone wanting parts or what ever, John Dysart Ltd. has lots of parts for all types of trucks, old dozers, graders etc. They are located just outside of Sussex and are very easy to find.

John Dysart Ltd.
P.O. Box 4675
Sussex N.B.
E4E 5L8

Ph: (506) 433-4098

Scot ladder truck taken at Kitchener, Ontario in July 1996. The truck is now out of service. Doug McKenzie Collection.
Scot A2HS tractor. This tractor was originally one of a group built by Scot for the Canadian Armed Forces, with a Cummins KT-450 engine and 15-speed Fuller transmission. This trucks was used locally in Mississauga, Ontario up until 1999. This picture was taken in the fall of 1998. Doug McKenzie Collection. Toronto Fire Department's Scot aerial truck. This truck was in reserve when the picture was taken in June 1999. Doug McKenzie Collection. Toronto Fire Department Scot pumper No. 1 taken in June 1999. Doug McKenzie Collection.
A re-cabbed Scot A2HD snowplow used by Armour Transport of Moncton, New Brunswick.
This photo was taken by T. Brad Dunkin of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Scot A1HD belonging to RST. The picture was taken in Fredricton, New Brunswick in the summer of 1973. The Texaco station as long since closed and the road to the right was the Trans Canada Highway until recently. Now it is by-passed by a newly opened 4-lane stretch of road. Doug McKenzie Collection. Scot dump truck found in Boston Bar, BC in Aug. 2000. This truck looks like it could have once been used by Vancouver City Public Works in Vancouver, BC. Kim Loeb Collection.
A Scot wrecker taken at Universal Truck & Trailer Sales at Dieppe, New Brunswick in August 2000. Doug McKenzie Collection. Two views of a Scot A2HD from Midland Transport at their former Mississauga, Ontario terminal. Photographed in the late 80's by Chris Hall.
Scot A2HD from the Canadian Armed Forces photographed at CFB Downsview by Ben Mills of Toronto Ontario. Doug McKenzie Collection. They're not much different now than when I first photographed them back in 1994 ( second row of pictures at the top of this page ), but they certainly look just a little more on the ratty side.

The one on the left is the prototype A1HD - the very first Scot built. The one on the right, I've subsequently learned is the one and only A3 Model, not the last one built as I originally was told. I have learned, however, that this particular A3 was the VERY LAST SCOT SOLD.

Both of these trucks were sitting at McGibbon Diesel in Sussex New Brunswick earlier this month. When I went inside and asked about them, I was told that they were both brought in with starting problems -one had electrical problems and the other injectors. A day or two after I took these photos, they were both taken away. Doug McKenzie Collection.

SCOT 4x4 cabover for BC Hydro power utility company Scot heavy-duty dump truck chassis. This was destined to work in a big mine somewhere in the Atlantic Provinces. Brad Dunkin will no doubt know the history of this vehicle. SCOT A2HDS with integral sleeper.
This is an A1HD, one of the early Scot models. Scot A2HD Scot A2HD Location Unknown
Scot A2HD taken at Toronto Doug McKenzie and I road-tested this tractor unit for Motor Truck magazine back in the late 1970s. It was, as far as I know, the first A2HD in Ontario. Scot A2HD Toronto. Legend on bug deflector reads DOUBLE TROUBLE
SCOT cabover dump truck SCOT dump truck SCOT dump truck with body installed
These pictures were taken when my Dad bought the truck new in 1979. Clint Lassu Collection.
Two years ago (2003), I started restoring it and this spring I put it to work. Clint Lassu Collection.
Abra House Moving doing a house move at Toronto, Ontario. Ben Mills Collection.

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