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Diverse Trucking Pete 377 Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Kenworth C500 KW C500 water truck
This big Euclid was part of the sugar museum. Pioneer Sugar KW C500 cane hauler
Rojac Trucking Rojac Trucking Wailea FD Maui

FABCO WT 81 6x6 Agriculture Trucks. They are from the 1960s and 70s. These trucks work the summer lettuce, asparagus, and other crop fields in Salinas, CA, then head to Yuma, AZ for the winter harvest.
D'Arrigo Bros-Massolo Trucking FABCO WT D'Arrigo Bros-MassoloTrucking FABCO WT Massolo Borthers Trucking FABCO WT 81 6x6
Massolo Brothers Trucking FABCO WT Massolo Trucking Salinas, CA FABCO WT Agriculture Truck

Cicale Carting Brooklyn, NY Mack DM690s packer. DSNY Mack Granite heavy wrecker. DSNY Mack LE packer.
Empire Recycling CAT CT660 roll off. Empire Recycling Mack Granite Roll off. FILCO Carting Brooklyn, NY Mack MR rear loader garbage truck.
Five Star Carting Mack DM690S with Leach packer body. Five Star Carting Mack MR rear loader garbage truck. Five Star Carting Mack MR with McNeilus packer body.
Former DSNY Mack LE rear loader garbage trucks for sale in Rhode Island. Gagliano Services Mack RD roll off. Inter County Trans Sys Inc Mack RD roll off in Queens.
JR Vinagro Autocar DC roll off. Mack DM600 roll off in Utica New York. MacLellan Milford NH Mack MB fuel truck laid to rest.
Metro Diesel Garage Brockway 776 fuel truck. Metro Diesel Garage Mack R model fuel truck. Mr. Rubbish Western Star with Leach packer body in Brooklyn, NY.
Prestige Industry Mack RD roll off. Prestige Industry Mack RD with Leach packer body. SJ Fuel Oil Autocar DC fuel truck.
Spring Tech Mack R model in the Bronx. Statewide Heating Oil Kenworth T800 fuel tanker.  

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