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Autocar truck with home made trailer. Berryhill Ranch, Just off old Highway 66, Bluewater, New Mexico. August, 2010 1949 Peterbilt owned by T.G. (Rusty) McCauley, Cliff, New Mexico. Bought new by Rusty's Dad and still used (only by Rusty) in their equipment hauling and mine service business. Sept. 2008 B model Mack service truck owned by Swapp Cont., Luna New Mexico. Feb., 2010
Beautiful Autocar running for Mercer pulling a dryvan. Photo taken in the Walmart parking lot in Grants, N.Mex. sometime around August, 2009 Peterbilt 359 Hay Hauler doubles. 359 Trucking on the door. Taken in Springerville, Arizona. July 2010 1967 White (someone was having fun with the Diamond T badge here) that had been auctioned off. It was driven in and driven out. Lemitar, N.Mex. Feb. 2011
Left and right sides of a GMC Crackerbox that last saw service in 1996 as a trailer toter. Photo taken at Autry & Sons Trucking company's boneyard. Feb. 2011 Milan, N.Mex Mack H model. Owner said it was running when parked in the early 90's Photo taken near Reserve, N.Mex. June 2009
Iron nosed Mack D600. Ex military that saw civilian duty as an equipment fuel & service truck. The backwards 5th wheel is just setting on the bed. Photo taken at the boneyard of Autry & Sons Trucking, Milan, N.Mex. Feb. 2011    

John Berry out of Texas operates this sharp looking Kenworth Bullwagon getting ready to load cattle near Apache Creek, N.Mex. Nov. 2010 99 Cattle co. from Eastern N.Mex owns this flat top Freightliner loading cattle near Apache Creek, N.Mex. Nov. 2008 Sharp looking Peterbilt cattle truck operated by Reiter out of Hereford, Texas backed up to the chute loading cattle near Apache Creek, N. Mex. Fall of 2008
Cattle truck owned by T.J.Whitaker, Deming, N.Mex. loading cattle near Apache Creek, N.Mex. Nov. 2009 Flat top P-P trucking Peterbilt livestock hauler ready to take on a load of steers near Apache Creek, N.Mex. bound for Texas. Fall of 2010 Peoples flat top Peterbilt out of Texas unloading heifers near Apache Creek, N.Mex. Fall of 2010
Good looking Brewer Peterbilt bull wagon loading cattle near Apache Creek, N.Mex. Fall of 2010 Norwood cattle truck backing up to the chute at sunrise to load cattle bound for Texas from near Apache Creek, N.Mex. Nov. 2009  

Williams Bros Trucking, Deming, NM Freightliner Hay truck at the H/ Ranch, Apache Creek, N.Mex. Sept. 2009 Unloading one ton hay bales off of a Williams Bros. hay truck. H/ Ranch near Apache Creek N.Mex. Sept. 2009 1949 Peterbilt owned by T.G. McCauley. Cliff, N.Mex.
A&M trucking out of Deming N.Mex operates these 2 good looking Peterbilt hay haulers delivering 2 loads of 1 ton bales to the H Slash Ranch near Apache Creek N.Mex. Fall of 2010 Peterbilt drop deck delivering sacked feed to the H Slash Ranch near Apache Creek, N.Mex. Dec. 2009
lat top Peterbilt cattle truck owned by Mesa Feeds out of Rincon, N.Mex. backing up to load cows. The cows had been on lease pasture near Bingham, N.Mex. and are being sent back to the LS Ranch at Buckhorn, N.Mex. This truck was burning up the highways hauling cattle, pulling a flatbed hauling hay or sacked feed, or hauling a liquid feed (molassas) trailer. Demand was high because of the severe drought going on at the time. Note the weed screen to protect the radiator. June, 2001 Cabover Freightliner bullwagon backed up to the chute on the Palo Verde Ranch north of Tucson Ariz. Aug. 1998 This was the only cabover out of 13 trucks loading steers.
Conventional Kenworth cattle truck with Aerodyne sleeper waiting to load steers at the Palo Verde Ranch north of Tucson, Ariz. Aug. 1998. The trailer has TIM on the porchlight. Note the weed screen on the grill. Good looking little sleeper Peterbilt cattle truck in the lineup waiting it's turn to load calves bound for Texas. LS Ranch, Buckhorn, N.Mex. Nov. 2003 Flat top Peterbilt bullwagon in the lineup waiting to load. LS Ranch near Buckhorn, N.Mex. Nov. 2003
Tricked out Peterbilt owned by DHM Farms out of Texas delivering building supplies on the H Slash Ranch near Reserve, N.Mex. Jan. 2011 Beautifully restored International KB (?) flatbed with racks. The picture was taken through the fence at a lumber mill near Milan, N.Mex. June 2010 Peterbilt with drop deck trailer out of Texas delivering some equipment to the H / Ranch near Reserve, N.Mex. Dec. 2009
King Trucking T2000 Kenworth with a partial load of sacked feed that tried to shortcut across 30 miles of dirt road crossing Hardcastle Gap (near Reserve, N.Mex.) between NM 32 & NM60. The driver had spun out and ended up off the road. He spent the night without cell phone service and was very happy to see me as I was going to feed cattle. 2 highway wreckers got stuck trying to get to him and finally an old ex - GI recovery truck from Springerville, Ariz. got to him and winched him out. Only 8 more miles of mud to the pavement. Jan. 2007
T660 Kenworth and covered wagon trailer getting ready to unload a barn kit from Seattle Washington. Near Reserve, N.Mex. June, 2008 Ely Heavy Haul out of Sahuarita, Ariz. bringing in a dozer to the H / Ranch. Sept. 2010
CT I inc. cement bulk trailer taken in Springerville, Ariz. Summer 2009. CT I inc. is a regional carrier usually pulling bulkers hauling cement or crushed limestone, end dumps hauling aggregate or copper concentrate, or tankers hauling acid or chemicals to the copper mines in Arizona and New Mexico. A pair of CT I inc. cement doubles in Showlow, Ariz. Fall 2009
Coming up on a CT I inc. acid tanker heading to the Santa Rita open pit coppermine (seen in the distance) near Bayard, N.Mex. March, 2011 Bulk Transportation Kenworth pulling an acid tanker in Silver City, N.Mex. March, 2011
Peterbilt transports hauling wind turbine blades passing westbound through the scales in Springerville, Ariz. Winter of 2009 There were 5 trucks in all traveling together. My dang camera was out of batteries so I was luck to get just a couple of them. It was an impressive sight with all the escorts. T800 Kenworth with a tank load setting beside the road west of Springerville, Ariz. Winter 2008. Nobody was there but I'm guessing the driver and escorts had holed up for the day as it was WINDY with 30+ mph winds.
I don't have a clue what the load is but I assume it was heading west to one of the power plants out of Springerville or St. John, Ariz. The first is of the load (no tractor or escorts) setting at a pullout on the N.Mex. side of the stateline. The next 2 pictures are of the truck and trailer the next day at sunrise heading east after unloading. I assume the driver and escorts had run out of daylight and had spent the night in Springerville.
Peterbilt heavy transport with (maybe) a tower section for a wind turbine. Photo taken at the NM & Az state line on US 60. This is a good place to catch oversize load trucks as they wait for permits or run out of time to be on the road. Peterbilt heavy haul transport with a wind turbine section (I think) at the weigh station in Springerville, Ariz. July, 2010 The driver was on the back side changing a trailer tire.
JIMEO Peterbilt heavy haul with part of a wind turbine ( I think ) setting in a cafe parking lot in Quemado, N.Mex. Summer of 2010 Two T.J.McCauley Peterbilt transports near Cliff N.Mex. hauling equipment to the copper mine in Morenci, Az. Summer 2010
Tri axle Peterbilt hitched to a livestock trailer. Sterling, Colorado. August, 2011 This Pete Bull hauler with Tri-axle trailer had just pulled in at sunset for the driver to get a bite to eat at Sterling, Colo. August, 2011 Sharp looking Kenworth cattle truck owned by Blegen Trucking out of West Fargo, N. Dakota pulling a spread axle trailer parked at a truckstop in Sterling, Colo. Aug, 2011
Unloading cattle at midnight after a 16 hour ride. Sept, 2011 near Apache Creek, New Mexico. This Peterbilt cattle truck is operated by DHM Farms, Moxey, Texas. Three Bulk Transportation Kenworths loaded with slurry and tanks. The slurry is mixed with water in the tank and then loaded in "buckets" slung below helicopters to be used for fire suppression. This picture was taken In Springerville, Arizona while the Wallow Fire (which burned over 1/2 million acres) was approaching in July of 2011. Notice all the smoke. Sharp looking flat top Peterbilt pulling a Pneumatic dry bulk tanker. It was parked at the old Bluewater Truck Stop off I-40 in Bluewater, N.Mex. July, 2011. The haze in the background is smoke from the Wallow fire burning in Arizona, over 120 miles west of Bluewater.
I played tag with this "Pumped Up" 2007 Peterbilt 379 Lindamood Heavy Haul out of Irving, Texas for over 40 miles on west bound I-40 with nothing to show for it except some blurred pictures. As Luck would have it, he stopped at the Petro Truckstop in Milan, NM and I was able to get some good photos and talk with the owner. It's a working show truck with a 565 hp Cummins and 18 sp. tranny. Most of the custom work was done "in house" by Jake Lindamood and his crew. He was on his way to Flagstaff, Arizona with a huge track drill and grossed out at over 160,000 lbs.
Pene Trucking Peterbilt with a load of feed blocks being pulled through the mud. I warned the driver to come in early while the ground was frozen but he overslept. Dec. 2011 1955 Kenworth in Luna N.Mex., July 2011. Originally a daycab with a 262 Cummins but the updated sleeper was added and now has an N14 engine. Owned by Mr. Swapp (HR Trucking), Eager, Arizona Sharp looking Kenworth. HR Trucking, Eager, Arizona. August, 2011
Wanzek heavy haul. Near Peetz, Colo. Nov. 2011 Circle V Transportation heavy haul. Sterling, Colo. Nov. 2011 Shamrock Foods truck making a delivery in Springerville, Arizona. April, 2012. Shamrock foods is a regional food service company serving the lower intermountain area and the Southwest.

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