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1952 Ford
Coming into Radium   Trimac Chip Truck Heading East
Look How Much Road they need to Make the Bend Glen coming in to Radium Chassl Heading East
Chief Transport Chief Transport Chief Transport
Max Service Truck Unloading at Mill in Radium Trimac Mack
Desert Cardlock  
JF Logging - Logs and Chrome JF Logging hood logo  
  1959 Power Wagon
1968 Dodge Nicely done over
Truscott Farms Creston
1942 Army Wagon 1942 Jeep 1943 Chev
  1952 Ford Trucks Lined up at Teck Comico Trail B.C. to load fertilizer for the US Market
Allan Davies and "Big Red" the 1998 Mack. Allan, now 77 yrs old, handed keys over to Alpine Disposal. But Allan is going to keep up the 81 year business by Snow Plowing & AAA lock out calls .
This is a Argosy Construction looking for buried lines in front of my house.
When this timber truck capsized on a car, the lone woman driver was shot out as the weight on the roof opened the door. She escaped with a scratched knee. Taken from the Family Herald - January 14, 1960.
Taken in Grand Forks, BC Inland Surplus GMC Tractor on Galana Ferry
Inland Surplus GMC Tractor

Jim came to-day to work on my Jeep, and this is what he drives.

It is a 1968 1-1/4 Ton Kaiser 30,000 made only ten in Canada. He has two of them now .

2nd Castlegar Robson Ferry 3rd Castlegar Robson Ferry
This is a Williams Moving & Storage Freightliner from Lethbridge Alberta unloading in Grand Forks Jan 19 2017.  

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