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A trio of equipment haulage shots taken along the T-can highway along the Quebec – New Brunswick corridor, September 2009.
Two vehicles hauling equipment, apparently belonging to the same outfit, one a semi low bed rig in charge of a Komatsu excavator, the other, a Ford straight truck carrying a Deere 27C piggy back style. Route 40, near Charlemaghe, Quebec, July 2009.
A Deere Combine floats on a low bed semi rig lead by a Freightliner tractor. Note the tires tied down at the trailer’s extremities. T-Can, near Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec, September 2009.
A pair of modular home transport rigs. We see a Western Star tractor and a Kenworth COE Aerodyne. Each is seemingly carrying two halves of the same modular structure. T-Can, near Cabano Quebec, September 2009. A Ford Aeromax tandem tractor in charge of a low bed trailer carries a Deere grader along the Trans-Canada Highway near the Lake Témiscouata region, Quebec, July 2009.
A Mack DMM Twin steer dump unit gets a ride with the help of this low bed semi trailer rig headed by an Autocar tractor. Route 40, Repentigny, Quebec, July 2009. This Mack Granite tractor has things well in hand as it transports a Volvo articulated dump along the T-Can highway, St-Jean Port Joli, July 2009.
This assortment of pictures show two different Kenworth rigs hauling Cat 773 off road dump units, one at rest at a truck stop, the other traveling.
These rigs come complete with jeep dolly and rear extension support axle. We have a clear view of these components in the detached trailer shot. Quebec – New Brunswick T-Can corridor, June 2009.
Freightliner tractor pulling a drop deck trailer loaded with dump bodies, T-Can highway, near Rivère-du-Loup, Quebec, July, 2009. An Atlantic Pacific Kenworth tractor and flat bed combination is loaded with oversized components. Hanwell, New Brunswick, June 2009. Volvo tractor and drop deck trailer of “Landry” belonging to the Transforce Group, carries a big piece of cargo. T-Can, near Rivière Ouelle, Quebec, July 2009.
This Freightliner semi rig of San Juan Pools is loaded with in ground type fiberglass pool frames. Irving Truck Stop, New Brunwick – Quebec Provincial line, July 2009.

An Irving (Equipment Division) heavy haulage rig, sporting a 4 axle heavy duty truck crane, is proudly displayed at the Atlantic Truck Show, Moncton, New Brunswick, June 2009.
Note the jeep dolly and rear support axle components.

Heavy haulage does not necessarily require bulk as evidenced by this grouping of pictures. These are examples of smaller scale haulage using tag bed trailers. The International Eagle utility truck, geared for road construction & maintenance work, is interesting as it has a crew cab (T-Can Highway near Florenceville New Brunswick, July 2009). The Mack straight truck is fitted with a bed and has wooden panel walls. Two machines sit on the tag along trailer (Fredericton, N B. summer 2009). The Freightliner truck, another road construction utility unit, is connected to a tag bed loaded with Cat & Dynapac double drum rollers (Fredericton, N.B. August 2008).

This International tandem tractor, an unlikely prime mover for a tag bed trailer, hauls a Bomag pneumatic roller along the Trans Canada Higway in New Brunswick, July 2009. This is yet another example of smaller scale equipment haulage. A vintage Mack B-80 series 6x6 heavy tractor operated by Y. Godin Limited, Lower Neguac, New Brunswick. Pictures taken in 1995. A rugged looking vehicle, this truck was used for heavy hauling in 1995, possibly logging or perhaps was formally a plow unit of some kind. Note the raised headlights on this truck and the front end component, most likely used for attaching plowing equipment, now supporting the hazard warning. These Mack models where popular in New England and Eastern Canada during the 60’s and 70’s for on or off highway hauling tasks and as such were ideally suited for the logging industry. Whatever this truck was used for, it unmistakably looks like a tough truck. Special thanks to Martin Phippard for providing information on this truck.
An Atlantic Pacific Peterbilt low bed semi rig at rest at the nevers road truck stop near Lincoln New Brunswick, August 2009. This rig has been trusted with transporting a Liebherr wheeled excavator unit. A Freightliner tractor pulling a drop deck semi trailer top heavy with two trucks and a car. T-Can Highway, Lapocatière region, Quebec, July 2009. This low bed semi rig, featuring a Ford L-9000 tractor was spotted in Harvey New Brunswick, October 2009.
A White-GMC semi low bed rig belonging to M. W. Price & Son, a well established excavating and landscaping contractor in the Fredericton region. This truck was shot at the M. W. Price & Son lot in Charters Settlement, New Brunswick, October 2009. Special thanks to M. W. Price & Son for letting me visit its lot and take pictures of their equipment.

M. W. Price & Son’s White-GMC semi low bed unit seen in the previous images is featured once more here in this sequence of pictures as a Kobelco Sk210 excavator dismounts from the trailer.
Nasonworth New Brunswick, June 2009.

This shot was taken near Drummondville Quebec on Route 20, July 2009. The car traveling beside this rig pales in size compared to the lenght of the girder that this Kenworth tractor is hauling. This rig belongs to Clark and the tractor is pulling special apparatus for hauling oversize loads involving heavy duty jeep dollies and grabs. An impressive ensemble even without any load. (T-Can Highway, New Brunswick, September 2009).
A Western Star Tractor connected to a trailer set up for heavy hauling including jeep dolly and extension support axles at the rear. Irving Truck Stop, New Brunswick – Quebec Provincial line, July 2009. Here is another heavy haul rig this one using a jeep dolly and trailer to get the job done. Route 40, near Repentigny Quebec, July 2009.
A Western Star low bed rig floating a Deer shovel, Fredericton New Brunswick, November 2009. A Ford spreader unit sits on a low bed hitched to a Peterbilt, T-Can Highway, near Quebec City, July 2009.
An International tractor unit hauls a BC Transit bus on a drop deck semi trailer. This BC transit bus seems far removed from its place of origin in the Lapocatière, Quebec region, where it was spotted being carried on this truck along the Trans-Canada (December 2009).
A smart looking Pete carrying different pieces of equipment on top of a drop deck trailer along the T-can (Province of Québec) on a cloudy June day in 2009. This rig belongs to the New Brunswick Power utility and was spotted in Fredericton New Brunswick, september 2009. The tractor is a Peterbilt tandem drive equipped with a lift axle and is transporting power station gear of some kind. The load is standing upright and leaves a lot of room to spare on the low bed trailer. This Autocar tractor connected to a low bed is floating a dynapac double drum roller, Fredericton, N.B., October 2009.

The cargo load of this rig is unknown but the company is Triton, a well known west Canadian haulage firm based out of Langley, British-Columbia. This truck is composed of a Kenworth tractor connected to a low bed trailer via a jeep dolly and ends with support axles extending out at the rear. We found this unit at the Irving truck stop located at the Quebec - New Brunswick Provincial line under a covered sky, June 2009.

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