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Bulk Division Vrac
A TransForce Company


St-Romuald Terminal, Québec

This assortment of pictures was shot at Kingsway’s St-Romuald Bulk Division “Vrac” terminal (vrac is the French word for “bulk”), near Quebec City, September 2009. A wide range of different bulk semi trailer and B train units are seen including tank, pneumatic and dry bulk types. Tractor truck units are also at rest in the yard. A pneumatic bulk B train rig headed by an International tandem drive tractor is depicted as well as 4 axle silver tanker unit connected to a Freightliner tractor. Kinsgsway Bulk Divison Vrac is part of the TransForce group.

A mobile service unit spotted at the terminal
most likely used for equipment maintenance tasks.
A utility trailer of some kind found among the bulker trailers and tractor trucks at the St-Ronuald terminal.


A variety of live action shots are included below showing different Kingsway Bulk Division rigs traveling along New Brunswick, Québec and Ontario highways.
These pictures were taken in 2009.
A Kingsway Bulk Divison B train tanker unit spotted on the Trans-Canada Highway between Rivière du Loup and Quebec City, August 2008.

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