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Granby (Quebec ),fall 2010

Note : Transforce is an important player in the domestic, commercial and industrial waste management sectors in the province of Quebec
Granby (Quebec) ,fall 2010 Windsor (Ont ) ,spring 2012
L’Ange Gardien (Quebec),summer 2014

Note : This A&M O/O tractor is not exactly the usual Transforce outfit
Greater Montreal,summer 2014

Note : Here something unusual the Besner tractor fleet being essentially a sleeper tractor fleet.
L’Ange Gardien (Quebec),summer 2014 L’Ange Gardien (Quebec),summer 2014
Trans4 tractor pulling a subframe trailer loaded with auto parts Canada/US border Windsor, Ont, spring 2015 Highland unit Canada/US border Windsor, Ont, spring 2015 A&M International tractor pulling an ex-Fortier trailer L’Ange Gardien, Quebec, fall 2014
Golden International unit, L’Ange-Guardien (Quebec), summer 2014 A Brossard rental tractor pulling a Canpar trailer, Granby, summer 2015 Matrec unit, Granby, summer 2015
White Road Xpeditor with the Autocar logo on it ( a badge engineering product ), Granby, summer 2015 Quebec City, summer 2015 Un uncommon duo, a TST Overland tractor
pulling a Thibodeau trailer, Quebec City,
summer 2015
Greater Montreal, summer 2015

Note : Loyal Express is a local cartage company which supply some dedicated units to QuikX
Rougemont, (Quebec), fall 2015 L’Ange Guardien (Quebec), fall 2015 Granby (Quebec), fall 2015

Kinsey Falls, Quebec, spring 2015

Note : This box van is an equipment of an exceptional rarity Golden International being an almost exclusive flatbed operation.

Trans4 Logistics, Leamington, Ontario, spring 2016

Canpar terminal, Whitby, Ontario, spring 2016

Note (1) : Trans4 Logistics operates some long haul inter-terminal lanes on behalf of Canpar

Note (2) : The DHL signature is still visible on the Loomis Express trailer side.

GHL Transport, Quebec central region, spring 2016 Clarke rail container pulled by what it seems a sub-contractror tractor, Rougement, Quebec, fall 2016 Canpar delivery truck, Sherbrooke, Quebec, fall 2016
Drummondville (Quebec), Fall 2017

L’Ange Guardien (Quebec) Spring 2018

Note : One of the bran new Freightliner tractors integrated in Entreprises Dupont, bought by Transforce in June 2017

Whitby, Ontario, Spring 2018
Whitby, Ontario, Spring 2018

Whitby, Ontario, Spring 2018

Note : After DHL and later Transforce, this truck is on the market place for a new owner.

A Roadfast tractor pulling a trailer not yet in the Transforce livery

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