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nother variation of the Transforce livery, Montreal (fall 2006). Note: This tractor was part of the Expediteur/Japiro fleet. Canpar unit at a shopping cener dock in Greater Montreal (summer 2006). Note: This unit shows the Transforce livery on the cab but retains the traditional Canpar dark blue for the bumper, wheels and chassis. Very unusual McGill Air tractor near the Montreal Transforce terminal.
TST Air unit with a bold livery taken at Windsor, Ontario (spring 2007). Note: TST Air is a unit of the TST Expedited Services Division, which the origin goes back to the TNT Olex/TNT Taxi Truck era. Trans4 Logistics tractor pulling an ex Highland trailer hauling automobile parts between Michigan and southern and central Ontario (Windsor, Ontario spring 2007). TST Automotive Services unit operating in a closed loop between the GM Oshawa assembly plant and the local part suppliers (Oshawa, Ontario spring 2007).
One of very few; a DCA Express unit spotted in a shopping center parking in the Greater Montreal (spring 2001). Note: DCA Express was a very short lived division (March 2000 to July 2001). It was the first involvement of Transforce in the parcel sector just before the take over of Canpar. McGill Air unit at the Montreal International Airport (fall 2006).
Not your familiar Transforce day cab tractor. This lonely Western Star was inherited from Transport A&M following its take over by Transforce in 2004. A&M terminal, East-Angus, Quebec, fall 2005. The same tractor leaving the Transforce's Montreal terminal in spring 2006. A Matrec unit, Granby, Quebec, summer 2008.
Lapalme operates two 3 axle straight trucks (the other one is in an internal) showing this New-York city symbol, Granby, Quebec summer 2008. This Papineau curtinside 4 axles trailer seems to have many long hard working days behind it, Granby, Quebec summer 2008.
Universal Contract Logisitics 3 axle trailer at a chemical shipper's loading dock, Montreal, spring 2005. Tranport Lapalme homebase's mini crossdock, Granby, Quebec summer 2008. A Lapalme tractor pulling an ex BoostWay trailer, Granby, Quebec summer 2008.
Daily three axles trailer pull by which it seems a rental or sub-contractor tractor, Montreal south bank, spring 2006. Trans4 facility operated on behalf of Staples Business Depot, Mississauga, spring 2006 Small delivery van in customer's livery, Mississauga spring 2009
TST Overland Express unit,Greater Montreal,spring 2001.

Note: This Volvo tractor is part of the first bunch of TST tractors
showing what is not the definitive Transforce livery but some
parts of it like the white paint and blue and red stripes.However
the TST logo is always the old red one on the door but it is painted in the Transforce blue on the trailer.

TST Automotive Services warehouse dock, Whitby, (ont),spring 2002.

Note: Unit moving automotive parts on behalf of GM (Oshawa).
A Nordique Transport div. O/O tractor pulling a Papineau div. trailer, L'Ange Gardien,Quebec, spring 2009.
A Lapalme Transport trailer dedicated to Artopex an office furniture manufacturer,Lapalme yard,Granby, Quebec,spring 2009. An Evergreen Logistics tractor dedicated to haul chemical products parked in the chemical distributor's cross dock yard,Mississauga (ont),spring 2009.

Note: Evergreen Logistics is part of the Canadian Freightways group of companies.
Even in 2009-2010 J.C.Germain Division operates always some trailers with the Labonte signature on them. (Greater Montreal, fall 2009)
New trailer ready to be delivered. (the trailer distributor's yard,Greater Montreal,fall 2009) L'Ange Gardien (Quebec) spring 2010 L'Ange Gardien (Quebec) spring 2010
Trans4 unit hauling auto parts between Ontario and Michigan, Windsor, spring 2014 Trans4 unit hauling auto parts between Ontario and Michigan in a drop deck trailer Windsor, spring 2014 Trans4 tractor pulling a Werner Entreprises trailer, Leamington, Spring 2014

Loomis Express trailer,Windsor,spring 2014

Note : The colour of this trailer remember the lineage of Loomis with the DHL Express Canadian domestic operations taken over by Transforce in 2011 and rebranded as Loomis

These photos taken in the Overland’s Windsor terminal yard in May, 08, 2014 show one of the last if not the last Overland custom built dedicated yard tractor always in operation after almost 30 years of service on behalf of three different owners ( TNT,TST Solutions and Transforce ).

Note : Other examples of these Overland’s yard tractors, including a similar Ford, can be seen, during their glorious days, in my TNT truck pictures section on pages 1 and 9.

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