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TNT Canada’s Operations Heirs

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TNT Canada’s Operations Heirs

After the takeover of TNT by the Dutch Group KPN in 1997 and the decision to exit the general and expedited/urgent freight sectors in Canada; some new entities emerged from the process.

NOTE : All the photos date back from late 90’s and early 2000’s

TST Solutions Inc.

TST Solutions Inc. was born from the management buyout of the TNT Canada’s general and urgent freight operations.

TST Overland, Greater Toronto

Soon after the management buyout new tractors and trailers was bought, the tractors keeping the traditional TNT orange and white colours.
TST Overland, Greater Montreal
TST Overland, Greater Toronto

As we can see on this brand new trailer TST Solutions continued to be part of the ExpressLINK network.
TCEI (Transport Champlain Express Incorporated) unit, Mississauga, (ont.)

TCEI was the successor of the truckload department of TNT Overland Express
which traded successively as Truckload Canada in early 80’s and TNT Truckload
Services later in the decade (see page one of that collection, TNT Overland section,
photo 9 and photo 10).
TCEI unit, Cambridge, (Ont.) TST Expedited Services unit, Mississauga, (Ont.)
TST Overland unit leaving the Toronto Overland terminal. TST Automotive Services tractor pulling a rental drop deck trailer, Whitby (Ont) TCEI tractor pulling a ESTES ( ExpressLINK partner) trailer, Greater Montreal
TST Automotive Services units being loaded, Whitby (Ont)

TST Solutions Inc. began to operate dedicated warehousing, sequencing and just in time automotive transportation services contracts few months after its incorporation.

Expedited Road Service
The distant origin of Uniline date back from 1972 when Overland set up a truckload division named Trojan Freight Lines. In early 80’s Trojan became an autonomous division of TNT Canada and its boxvan operation began to trade as Trojan Uniline. Later, in 1987 the name was changed for TNT Uniline until 1997 when the operation became a family owned company.
Uniline tractor and trailer, Cambridge (Ont)

QuikX Group of Companies
After the closure of Alltrans/Comet/Kwikasair Group in 1989, some ex-TNT managers who set up Quikx in 1990 renewed with TNT in mid-90’s proceeding to the acquisition of two TNT’s divisions, Roadfast and Tro Air. The two entities was operated as autonomous divisions of QuikX wearing a totally distinctive livery apart from the other QuikX divisions.
Tro Air and Roadfast units leaving the QuikX Brampton (Ont.) terminal A local contractor tractor pulling a Roadfast trailer, Greater Montreal
Tro Air units, Montreal, Dorval airport A Roadfast quite rare White GMC WHE64BT COE tractor, Brampton (Ont.)
A Tro Air tractor pulling a not yet rebranded Roadfast trailer, Montreal, Dorval airport

Note : If you look carefully, you can see the ghost TNT logo on the trailer

Wesbell Transport

Long time before the decision of TNT to divest itself of some of its operations in favor of its active or ex managers in the mid 90’s, the Group have sold TNT Wesbell, the telecommunication equipment distribution specialist, to its General Manager in December 1990.

Trailer pulled by a sub-contractor unit somewhere in Ontario A trailer showing the early 80’s Wesbell signature pulled by a tractor still painted in the usual TNT white and orange colors, Greater Montreal.
A straight truck showing the new post 1990 Wesbell signature, Greater Montreal. Whithy, Ontario

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