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The following pictures shows some TNT liveries with a relative short live the company having
decided to introduce a standardized livery for the majority of its divisions in 1986.
All of these pictures come from the TNT documentation.
Pilot having been bought in 1981, the equipments was showing in first time a modern style version of the well known Pilot logo, the TNT one being confined to the bumper. Later in the first half of the decade the TNT logo was integrated into
the Pilot one
Bought in 1984 Holland put this livery on very few units Bought only few months before the adoption of the standardized TNT livery politics,this first experimental paint sheme never really lived on. Only a few dozen trailers was bought with that livery in the 1984/85
Following the acquisition of IFL (Interline Forwarders Ltd) in early 80's, here the successive liveries of TNT Railfast division before the adoption of the standardized TNT livery.

Automotive Intermodal Operations
The contract referred to the supply of the GM's Oshawa assembly plant.The divisions involved was Dedicated Systems Ltd. (DDL) on the Canadian side of the border and TNT Scheduled Services on the American side;the two divisions using some TNT Overland's infrastructures and assets to complete there ones.

Note: All the pictures date back from the early to mid-nineties.
DSL unit parked at the CP railhead in Oshawa Overland tractor/DSL trailer on way to GM assembly plant in Oshawa DSL unit in Oshawa
Note: The tractor is an ex Direct System truck
TSS unit leaving the CP railyard in Windsor TSS unit coming to the CP railyard in Windsor TSS tractor/Overland trailer in Windsor
TSS unit at rest in Windsor The long haul part of the operation, Windsor.
Note: This picture is used with the permission of Wayne Crane
Unit being unloaded at the CP railhead in Oshawa TSS unit,Wayne (Michigan)

A complementary mix of TNT truck
photos taken during the nineties
Part I
Greater Montreal Greater Montreal
Unusual for Overland the division operated a small bunch of
3 axles refrigerated trailers to serve Northern Quebec,an operation inherited from the Champlain Sept-Iles era after the merger of the two sister divisions in 1987.
Oshawa Ont.
The tractor is an ex Jet Transport unit.
Mississauga Ont.
This division was operating few tractor/trailer combinations
alongside its core fleet of small vans and straight trucks.
Mississauga Ont.
Unit part of a dedicated fleet operating on behalf of a chemical products manufacturer.
Greater Montreal
An extremely rare example of a Fashion Air unit.
TNT Overland's Oshawa terminal maintenance area TNT Overland Western International's Flint Mich. terminal. This small division was specialized in transborder freight haulage between Michigan and Ontario through the Detroit and Port Huron gateways.

A complementary mix of TNT truck
photos taken during the nineties
Part II
TNT Overland dedicated yard tractor,
Oshawa terminal
TNT Overland' s Oshawa terminal huge
22 acres trailer yard
TNT Tro Air unit,Texport's DC,
Greater Montreal

TCL Transport Inc.

This obscure division was born following the TNT US regional trucking divisions spin off through the set up of the TNT Freightways Corporation in 1992.The following organisation chart shows the location of the TCL Transport div. in the TNT North-America financial structure.

Organisation chart of the complicated
TNT N.A. financial structure
TCL Transport unit,Greater Montreal
Note: TCL was using tractors diverted from other TNT divisions
TCL Transport unit, Greater Montreal
Note: The division was also using buy back in house equipment from its customers
TCL Transport unit, Eaton's DC,Greater Toronto
Note: Long term lease was used for new equipments

After the closure of the Alltrans/Comet/Kwikasair Group in 1989, TNT reallocated the newer units of it's transcontinental linehaul fleet to the Overland division which used them in the Sept-Iles/Quebec City/Montreal/Toronto/Windsor corridor in early to mid 90's.
Quebec City Montreal Line up at the Montreal Overland's Terminal
Units leaving the Montreal Overland's terminal

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