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The hidden face of TNT in Australia
TNT's less known Australian operations. These pictures come from miscellaneous TNT promotional publications of the eighties and nineties.
QRX (Queensland Railfast Express) was a regional intermodal road/rail carrier belonging to the Carpentaria Transport Group.
Note: TNT held a controlling interest (56%) in the Carpentaria Transport Group.
NQX (North Queensland Express) was a regional LTL carrier belonging to the Carpentaria Transport Group. ASP Container Express was a trans-continental rail forwarder mainly involved in bulk product haulage.
Note: ASP was a subsidiary of TNT Bulkships Ltd. a sea shipping holding in which TNT held a controlling interest (62.5%)
Holyman's was a sea shipping forwarder linking Tasmania to the Australian continent.Holyman's was a subsidiary of TNT Bulkships Ltd.
Rainbow Furniture Transport was a division of the Carpentaria Transport Group specilized in removal and furniture transport operations. R & H Transport Services Ltd. was an highly diversified carrier involved in continental road transport,bulk haulage,container transport and local cartage.The company was 50% owned by the Carpentaria Transport Group. Ansett Freight Express was an expedited freight carrier managed by TNT on behalf of Ansett Transport Industries,an air transport related holding jointly owned by TNT and the media giant News Corp.
These pictures come from miscellaneous TNT promotional publications of the eighties and nineties
TNT Roadfast unit

Note: The division was a continental general freight (TL,LTL & specialized services) carrier
Comet Overnight Transport unit.

Note: Continental expedite freight carrier
TNT Railfast unit

Note: TNT was operating it's own rail container carried by dedicated trains between the Capitals where TNT operated it's own rail gantry cranes
An overview of the TNT australian operations would not be complete without the well known Northern Territory roadtrain The heart of the empire;the TNT twin towers head office located in Sydney. Tippers unit (QRX Bulk Systems div.)
ransportation of a 30m long bridge beam
(QRX Transport Services div.)
Petroleum products hauling (QRX Bulk Systems div.)

TNT/Alltrans in the early years

The following pictures come from the TNT's documentation and records
Alltrans bulk product haulage, early fifties First rail terminal in Adelaide (Australia)
established by K.W. Thomas in 1954
TNT Railfast terminal (1961)
Alltrans roadtrain Sydney (1964) Ken Thomas (left) and Peter Abeles (right),
the two men behind the TNT Group
The beginning of a new era
Road/Rail Flexi-Van trailer,Cook River rail yard (Sydney), early sixties. Keven Thomas Collection. Used with the permission of Jimmy Thomas    

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