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TNT Wesbell Transport
This division served the telecommunication industry.
TNT Wesbell parking lot at Mississauga, Ontario in spring 1994.
Note: Many of their tractors are outfitted with ancillary manutention equipment located back of the cab.
Line up of the fleet along side the TNT Wesbell's warehouse at Mississauga, Ontario in spring 1994.
Tro Air Division tractor pulling a Wesbell trailer at Montreal, Quebec in the winter of 1994. Units parked at the Wesbell's facility at Mississauga, Ontario taken in the spring of 1994.

TNT Motorcraft Dedicated Fleet
Note: Over a ten year period (1992-2003), TNT have operated an aftermarket parts delivery service to 410 eastern Canada dealers on behalf of Ford Motorcraft division. Geographically, this operation spanned more than 1,500 miles east to west from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario to North Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Montreal, Quebec spring 1999 Unit parked at Ford Brampton distribution center, spring 1993.
Note: In the early years of the contract, the TNT affiliation was very tactfull, the TNT logo being put in very small characters down the door.
Part of the Greater Toronto and vicinity local delivery fleet, Ford Brampton distribution center, fall of 1999.
Units at Ford Montreal distribution center, spring 1998. B-Train waiting for a tractor, Ste. Thomas, spring 2001. Unit serving the maritime (New-Brunswick plate) provinces dealers, taken at Montreal, Quebec in the fall of 2001.
Note: The new TNT logo style on the tractor door.
The same tractor this time pulling a regular Motorcraft livery trailer, Ford Montreal distribution center, fall 1999.

TNT Hostess/Frito-Lay Dedicated Fleet
Unit parked at the Hostess/Frito-Lay Montreal facility (summer 1997). Unit leaving the Hostess/Frito-Lay Montreal facility (spring 1997) Unit at Costco store dock, Greater Montreal (summer 1997)
Unit at Hostess/Frito-Lay Montreal facility's dock (summer 1998)

Inbound auto parts delivery on behalf of GM/Oshawa
Part of the shuttle fleet operating from the Whitby TNT cross-dock (spring 2007). Unit leaving the Whitby cross-dock (fall 2006) Ryder Logistics shunt tractor pulling a TNT trailer at the Pickering fulfillment center (spring 2007)
Part of the fleet operating from the Ryder/TNT fulfillment center located in Pickering (fall 2006 and spring 2007) Unit delivering components to the TST Automotive Services warehouse located in Whitby (spring 2007)
Pickering fulfillment center (fall 2006)

Note: TNT uses some short term rental units to supplement regular leased units.

Unit hauling parts between the Pickering fulfillment center and the GM's assembly plant. Whitby, spring 2007). A TNT's O/O unit delivering inbound freight to the TNT's Whitby cross-dock (spring 2007)
A drop frame trailer at the TST Automotive Services warehouse's loading dock (fall 2003) Trailers line-up at the TNT's Ajax cross-dock (spring 2001)

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