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TNT (Quebec) Group was a relatively small organization with hyper diversity operations which spawn from regional LTL and TL freight, flatbed operations, expedited air freight to container drayage, warehousing, local cartage and heavy machinery hauling.
An Atlas Trucking tractor pulling a Champlain Sept-Iles trailer coming in TNT Overland Express Montreal terminal autumn 1993. A pre TNT era Red Star Express livery trailer hooked to a Champlain Sept-Iles tractor, Greater Montreal, spring 1994. Nolin Transport unit out of CP Rail Montreal Intermodal terminal, spring 1994.
An Atlas Trucking tractor on flatbed operation duty, Greater Montreal. An Atlas Trucking straight truck, Montreal, summer 1994. EntrepĂ´ts Lapalme unit at Napalme warehouse in downtown Montreal, autumn 1993.
A TNT Heavy Haul Division unit with the post 1986 TNT worldwide standard paint scheme, Montreal, summer 1992. A TNT Heavy Haul Division cab over with the pre 1986 TNT paint scheme, Montreal, summer 1992. A TNT Heavy Haul Division tractor pulling a MirAir trailer on way to JFK (New York) airport. Dorval Airport, winter 1992.

Note: MirAir Division was an expedited airfreight specialist offering a regular scheduled service which was linked Mirabel, Dorval and JFK Airports.

High cube MirAir trailer, Greater Montreal, spring 1995. TNT Heavy Haul Division unit ready for an ultra heavy haul mission, TNT (Quebec) Group terminal, ST-Hubert, spring 1997. Lineup of Champlain Express Ford tractors on the retirement path, autumn 1991.

Note: The GMC is a retired Overland tractor.

TNT Heavy Haul Division unit ready to haul the Montreal Olympic Stadium curtain roof to its final destination. Total length: 228 feet. Total curb weight: 150 Tonnes. Montreal, November 1986.

Note: The picture was given to me be a TNT (Quebec) Group upper manager.

TNT Heavy Hauling & Atlas Trucking tractors pulling Champlain Sept-Iles trailers, Montreal fall 1994. Atlas Trucking unit Montreal south-shore,fall 1993.
Entrepots Lapalme unit parked in the Lapalme yard, downtown Montreal, winter 1993. Astro Air unit ready to leave a sea freight forwarder's facility, Montreal, summer 1992. TNT Heavy Hauling unit,Montreal,fall 1992.
A TNT Quebec Group's companies listing.

Note: Atlas Trucking and Astro Air are not listed because they was respectively part of the TNT Heavy Hauling div and MirAir div.

Source: Canadian Transportation & Distribution Management magazine,january 1984.

TNT (Quebec) Group Part 2

One of the distinctive features of TNT Quebec was its extra heavy haul division specialized in the movement of oversize loads.

Note : The following photos come from the personal collection of Mr. Desmond Guy and used with the permission of his daughter Sandra.
Desmond Guy (1938-2015)

Note : Mr. Desmond Guy have been the plenipotentiary of TNT in the province of Quebec for over 20 years.
At the forefront we can see Desmond Guy overseeing the operations.  
The logo QOF on the door of the Kenworth truck is for Quebec-Ontario Freightways, the holding which oversaw the TNT Quebec Group. Huge 300 tons Hydro Quebec transformer being unloaded.  
  Nuclear plant equipment movement  

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