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TNT Logistics Operations Puzzle
During the 90's, TNT LTD and its American spin-off entity, TNT Freightways Corp. ran logistics business under as many as fifteen different trademarks.
A little bit confusing, isn't it?

TNT LTD (Austrailian Holding)
Texport unit delivering to a Greater Montreal shopping center (winter 1997).

Note: Back to 1978 Texport was one of the first TNT div. to be involved in value added activities such as packaging, picking etc on top of transport operations.

Just In Time units in Dearborn (Michigan) spring 1994.

Note: Introduced in 1984 to support the Japanese concept of zero inventory system in automotive manufacturing. JIT div. was operating milk run, sequence parts delivery and on demand emergency truckload.

TNT Dedicated Systems unit at Hostess/Frito-Lay Montreal facility (spring 1998).

Note: Incorporated in Canada in 1991, the division was operating mainly dedicated contract carriage.

TNT Home Delivery Services unit, Toronto (spring 1992).

Note: Incorporated in Canada in 1990, the division was providing delivery of small parcels, furnitures and appliances on behalf of the retail sector.

TNT Home Delivery Services unit at Sears Toronto DC (spring 1999). Transfreight unit on CAMI (GM/Suzuki joint venture) property, Ingersoll Ont.(spring 1997).

Note: Transfreight was incorporated in 1987 mainly to support the Japanese transplants.

Pioneer Logistics units in Mississauga ont. (summer 1994).

Note: Incorpotated in USA and Canada in 1992, this division was specialised in automotive parts long haul transportation.

TNT Scheduled Services hauling automotive parts between Detroit and Windsor (spring 1992).

Note: Incorporated in USA in 1992, the division was providing drayage operations to the automotive industry between Ontario, Michigan and the surrounding states.

TNT Logistics unit.Ford Montreal distribution center, (autumn 1998).

Note: In 1994 TNT began slowly to consolidate its different trademarks under the TNT Logistics brand unbrella.

TNT Freightways Corp.
TNT Contract Logistics unit in Mississauga Ont. (autumn 1994).

Note: One year after the spin off of the TNT LTD american trucking operations under the TNT Freightways Corp. umbrella; TNT LTD transfer in 1993 the TNT Contract Logistics div., operating in USA since 1990, to TNT Freightways.

TNT Contract Logistics unit in Mississauga (autumn 1998). TCL Transport unit delivering bakery products to a grocery store in Greater Montreal (autumn 1995).

Note: TNT Freightways was running dedicated fleets on behalf of Weston bakery and EATON store under TCL Transport Ltd. trademark.

TCL Transport tractors line up at EATON Toronto distribution center (autumn 1995) TCL Transport roadtrain hauling bakery produds between Montreal Weston bakery and Quebec City Weston cross dock.(Quebec City.spring 1997). TMC Carriers unit leaving Kohl's distribution center (Milwaukee, spring 1995).

Note: Tree years after its take over by TNT Freightways.TMC continue to run the Kohl's contract under its own trademark.

TNT Distribution Services units in McCook ill.(spring 1995).

Note: The multi-users distribution div. operating since 1990 was transferred by TNT LTD to TNT Freightways in 1993.

Logix units at EATON Montreal DC,autumn 1998.

Note: With the termination,in 1996,of many agreements between TNT LTD and TNT Freightways including commercial cooperation and the right to use the TNT name; TNT Freightways become USF Freightways and the contract logistics operation change its name for Logix

Only two years later Logix become USF Logistics. USF Logistics unit working on behalf of Ready Bake, Montreal (spring 1999).

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