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Entrepots Lapalme is surely the less knows TNT operation including among TNT employees. Taken in Montreal in the autumn on 1996. Unit hauling special commodities waiting for unloading. Entrepots Laplame warehouse, downtown Montreal, autumn 1992. Entrepots Lapalme strait truck taken at Montreal in the winter of 1996.
TNT Scheduled Services unit hauling automotive parts between Michigan state and CP Windsor railyard, taken at Windsor, Ontario in the spring of 1991. TNT Scheduled Services trailer leaving the rail ramp at CP Oshawa railhead near the GM Assembly Plant taken in the spring of 1992. Huge 300 ton Hydro-Quebec transformer being moved to its final destination. The photo was taken in northern Quebec. The photographer and date are unknown, but the photo was given to Rene in 1993 by Mr. Desmond Guy from TNT Quebec Group.

Windsor, Ontario spring of 1996

Oshawa, Ontario spring of 1995
Contrary to other TNT divisions which show off bold livery, TNT Dedicated Systems equipment show off a very discreet identification.

Husky Truck Stop Windsor, Ontario spring 2001 Unit leaving automotive supplier Intier seating facility Brampton, Ontario autumn 2004 Western Star day cab tractor is a very sparce speci in the TNT fleet. Here is one taken at Brampton, Ontario in the autumn of 2004.
Unit shifting seats between Oakville Lear seating facility and nearby Ford assembly plant at Oakville, Ontario in spring 2002 Units loading automotive parts at TNT Whitby cross deck facility, which feed GM Oshawa Autoplex, autumn 2004 Penske Truck Leasing is a majoy supplier of day cab tractors to TNT Logistics Division. Seen here at Whitby, Ontario in the autumn of 2004

Brampton, Ontario spring 2002

Brampton, Ontario autumn 2004
Shunt tractors at work at Daimler Chrysler Brampton, Ontario assembly plant. About 650 trailers are repositioned each day during in-plant switching operations. Sterling tractor working on Ford spare parts distribution contract taken at Brampton, Ontario spring 2002.
Owner/operator at work at Brampton, Ontario autumn 2004 A worn out White/GMC on a foggy Tuesday morning at Whitby, Ontario in the autumn of 2004 TNT tractor pulling a JDC Logistics trailer between Daimler Chrysler Brampton assembly plant and CP Expressway Milton railyard. Taken at Milon, Ontario in the autumn of 2003
In 2001, four years after the take over of TNT by Dutch group KPN, a significant number of trailers with the old log are operated by TNT Logistics. Ford sequencing warehouse Mississauga, Ontario autumn 2001 Old livery trailers fleet used to haul seats to Ford Oakville truck assembly plant, taken at Milton, ON in the autumn of 201 As shown in this picture taken in 2004 at Intier seating facility, the old and new livery always coexist in the TNT trailer fleet, taken in the autumn of 2004
Even if TNT Express Division use partners in North America for the final delivery of international parcels and mail. The division operates its own fleet in big cities, seen here in Toronto, ON in the autumn of 2004.

( TNT/Mitsui joint venture)

Transfreight was incorporatied in 1987 to handle Toyota manufacturing inbound logistics. Taken at the Husky Truck Stop at Windsor, On in the spring of 1996. Unit hauling automotive parts between Dayton, OH Transfreight cross deck and Toyota Cambridge, Ontario assembly plant. Unit hauling car seats between Johnson Controls seat plant and Toyota assembly plant taken at the Johnson Controls parking lot at Milton, Ontario in the fall of 2003
Over the years Transfreight diversified its customer base to include Yamaha, Suzuki and Bombardier recreational products. Taken at Montreal, Quebec in the spring of 2002. Unit hauling automotive parts on behalf of CAMI the GM/Suzuki joint venture, taken at Windsor, Ontario in the spring 1999. Trailer with the company contemporary livery (Toyota Cambridge trailer parking in the spring of 2002)

(Garment on hanger dedicated division)

Unit leaving Texport Montreal distribution center in the winter of 1993 Unmarked tractor and trailer at Montreal in the spring of 1993 Eaton and Sears Canada was two of Texport major customers. Taken at Texport Montreal warehouse in the fall of 1997
Texport was using some trailers with customer liveries.
Taken at Montreal in the summer of 1993 and fall of 1997.
A TNT Overland Express tractor coupled to a Texport trailer at Montreal in the summer of 1996. Note: An International S 200 with a sleeper was very unusual.

TNT Olex/Taxi Truck
(Emergency freight specialists)

TNT Olex began operations in 1982 as a division of TNT Overland Express dedicated to emergency freight handling. Picture taken in Montreal in the spring 1999. Olex use trucks of all size (Montreal spring 1994). A GMC Astro in strait truck configuration. Very unusual.(Windsor, Ontario summer 1996 )
Unit leaving TNT Overland Express Oshawa flow through terminal dedicated to General-Motors. (spring 1995). Unit pulling a Ryder rental trailer.( Oshawa spring 1995) Owner/operator waiting for a load on the premise of an automotive supplier. (Windsor Ontario spring 1996).
Unit ready to go.( Windsor, Ontario early spring 1997 ). TNT Taxi Truck began to service emergency freight other than automotive in 1986.( Montreal Dorval airport truck parking spring 1999). Taxi Truck unit in Montreal spring 1996.

In 1993 TNT merged Olex and Taxi Truck operations to form TNT Expedited Services division. Picture of a new livery unit in Oshawa spring 2000. In the eighties JUST IN TIME div. was maintaining equipments to more than twenty locations in the midwest states and the province of Ontario to serve the automotive assembly plants. Picture was taken in Windsor, Ontario in the spring of 1994. Line up of tractors at JUST IN TIME div. head office in Dearborn, Michigan in the spring of 1994.
Unit pulling a Ruan rental trailer in Windsor, Ontario in the spring of 1994.

Truckload Operations
Cabover unit in Montreal in the summer of 1992
Note: TNT was a small player in the truckload market competing in specific segments like high speed long haul freight movement, air freighta and long haul lanes on behalf of TNT sister divisions.
Montreal summer 1997 TNT Roadfast tractor pulling a dingy trailer hoisting the TNT logo without any division identification. (Montreal winter 1995).
A sub-contractor worn out Chevrolet Kodiak doing traction in greater Montreal on behalf of TNT Roadfast division (winter 1995).
Tro Air
Unit moving alongside Toronto Pearson airport tarmac (Spring 1997). Unit moving throughout Port Huron/Sarnia border (Spring 1994). Unit at the Air Canada dock (Toronto Pearson airport Spring 1999).
Note: Air Canada was a Tro Air major customer.
Unit pulling a garment customer livery trailer on behalf of the TNT sister division Texport. (Montreal summer 1995). Two TNT Roadfast trailers hooked to a Tro Air tractor. (Montreal Spring 1995).
Note: The gray masking paint on the first trailer leave not doubt about the previous operator: TNT Alltrans Express.
Unit leaving Montreal Dorval airport hauling Air Canada freight. (Spring 2001).
Note: Tro Air put the TNT logo on their trailers very late in the 90's.
Unit at the Air Canada dock (Montreal Dorval airport summer 2001). Look on the door, this O/O has adopted the TNT logo long before the division he was working for. (Montreal summer 1993).
TNT Uniline unit in Montreal, summer 1995.
Note: TNT Uniline livery was very apart from the standard TNT Group signature.
A TNT Wesbell Transport trailer hooked to a TNT Uniline tractor at a warehouse in Montreal, winter 1994. A TNT Uniline tractor pulling a TNT Overland Express trailer in Montreal, fall 1996.
Ford Oakville Assembly Plant
Essentially an O/O operation, TNT Uniline was using some company owned day cab tractors in the Cambridge-Toronto corridor for distribution work. TNT Uniline Cambridge terminal in the early morning, spring 1997. Shunt tractor busy at pulling trailers between the assembly docks and trailer parking lot (fall 2005). Unit hauling parts between a great Toronto stamping parts supplier and Oakville assembly plant (fall 2005).
Ford Oakville Assembly Plant Daimler Chrysler Brampton Assembly Plant
O/O unit loading composite modular parts at a supplier location in Whitby, Ontario (spring 2005). Unit at rest on weekend near Oakville assembly plant (fall 2005). TNT sequencing center docks (Brampton fall 2005).
Note: The TNT fleet and selected carriers managed by TNT deliver 800 loads a day from 300 suppliers to Oakville. On a larger scale, as Ford primary carrier in Ontario and Ohio Valley, TNT fleet handles 2,100 trucks loads a week. Note: As we can see, parts are delivered in truckload quantity in selected TNT managed truckload carriers trailers and leave the cross dock in TNT trailers loaded in sequence for delivery to line side.
Daimler Chrysler Brampton Assembly Plant
Part of the TNT fleet which truck sequencing parts from the two Brampton TNT operated sequencing centers and Brampton assembly plant docks (fall 2005).

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