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TNT Quebec Group liver of the 70's taken in Montreal, Quebec in the spring of 1991. TNT Quebec Group intermediary livery of the 80's before introduction in 1986 of standardized worldwide TNT Corporate livery. Taken in Montreal, Quebec in the spring of 1991. Only a handful of trailers were painted in the standard TNT livery, before LTL operations of Champlain Sept-Iles Express was merged with TNT Overland Express in 1987. This picture was taken at the TNT Overland Montreal terminal in the spring of 1994.
TNT hanging garment division, Texport, B-Train taken in Montreal in the spring of 1991. TNT Dedicated Services Division tractor/trailer hauling spare parts on behalf of Ford Canada Ford Distribution Centre at Brampton, Ontario in the spring of 1991. TNT is running very few curtain-side trailers. This one hauls seats to Ford Truck at the Oakville, Ontario assembly plant, taken at Milton, Ontario in April 2002.
TNT Tro Air haul expedited freight on behalf of Air Canada. This was taken at Dorval Airport in the spring of 2001. TNT Logistics hauling chips and snacks on behalf of Hostess/Frito-Lay, taken in Montreal in June 1997. After closing Alltrans/Comet/Kwikasair Group in 1990, TNT began running unusual outfits under Roadfast Brand. Owner/operator Tro Air tractor pulling two unmarked Roadfast trailers in Montreal in the summer of 1993.
GM parts unloaded at Mackay Automotive warehouse in Oshawa, Ontario in May 2001. TNT Express unit at TNT European Arnheim Road hub in the Netherlands in the fall of 1993. TNT Automotive International unloading parts at the TNT Bornem Belgium hub in the fall of 1993.
Texport Division tractor pulling Eaton store trailer between Texport Montreal warehouse and Eaton regional distribution centre. Taken in Montreal in the spring of 1998. TNT Olex truck with a unique livery. Taken in Montreal is the summer of 1993. Mirair was a TNT schedule dedicated service linking Mirabel, Dorval et JFK airports. Taken in Montreal in the winter of 1993.
Atlas trucking was part of TNT Quebec group. Taken in Montreal in the summer of 1992. Nolin Transport was another service under the umbrella of TNT Quebec group. Taken in the summer of 1992. This three axle TNT Logistics trailer was full of Coke products on route to the Maritime Provinces. Taken in Montreal in the spring of 1999.
TNT Delivery Service division was operating a large fleet of cab forward Hino and Isuzu/GMC trucks for home delivery, contract on behalf of Sears and Eaton in the metropolitan Toronto area. Taken at the Eaton regional distribution centre in the spring of 1995. Truckload carrier TNT Uniline unit in front of the TNT Overland Montreal terminal in the summer of 1992. TNT Wesbell Transport serve the telecommunications industry. Taken at the Wesbell Transport warehouse parking lot in the spring of 1994.
Air Canada was a TNT long term customer. A Tro Air tractor pulling an Air Canada livery trailer, taken in Montreal in the spring of 1997. TNT used these huge Kenworths to move in northern Quebec Hydro-Quebec big transformers. Look at the "small" Mack R parked beside the big machines. Taken in Montreal in the autum of 1996. Very special paint scheme on the TNT Uniline White tractor. Taken in Montreal in the spring of 1993.
TNT Overland Express tractor pulling a trailer advertising Truckload Canada Forwarding division in Montreal in the winter of 1996. TNT Overland Express tractor (diverted from Texport division) pulling a trailer advertising a customer product. Taken in Windsor, Ontario in the spring of 1996. GMC truck hauling GM parts between Toronto and Oshawa, Ontario, taken in Oshawa in the spring of 1994.
TNT Global Express loading automotive parts at a supplier factory in Whitby, Ontario in the spring of 2003. TNT Global Express Kenworth taken at Mississauga, Ontario in the autumn of 2003. All new Freightliner tractors pulling old livery Texport trailers taken at the Toronto Texport warehouse in the spring of 2003.
TNT Global Express Peterbilt taken in Mississauga, Ontario in the autumn of2003. This unit hauls automotive parts in the Oshawa area. TNT use a lot of rental tractors and agency drivers on their automotive contracts. Taken in the autumn of 2002. Transfreight unit (until recently 50% owned by TNT) loading care seats at Lear Manufacturing Facility in Mississauga in the spring of 2002.
Mixed liver drawbar unit on its way in the early morning at Arnhem, Netherlands in the spring of 2000.


Owned by TNT since 1973, it is only during the first half of the 80's the TNT logo appeared discretely on the side of the trailers. (Montreal spring 1992). First model of the TNT standard worldwide livery appearing in 1986. Note the word express is under the Overland name (Windsor, Ontario, spring 1994). Final model of the standard worldwide livery with the express word along side of the Overland name. (Oshawa, Ontario, spring 1995).
Last evolution of the standard livery with a commercial slogan on the orange strip of the trailer and mention of the Express Link membership of Overland Express. (Montreal spring 1997).

Dominion Consolidated taken over by TNT in 1985 was merged with Overland a year later.
(Montreal summer 1993 and winter 1991).
Trailer with old livery of Champlain Express before the take over of Sept-Iles Express. (Montreal summer 1992).
A Champlain-Sept-Iles pup trailer. (Montreal winter 1994). With the standardization of the TNT livery in 1986, Truckload Canada (Montreal summer 1992) became TNT Truckload Services (Montreal summer 1997).
TNT Overland has always operated a certain number of unmarked trailers (Overland Windsor, Ontario terminal spring 1995). During the 90's, Overland began operating a certain number of trailers with customer's liveries. (Overland Express Sarnia, Ontario terminal spring 1993).

Montreal summer 1993 P&D Overland Express tractor pulling a Red Star Express trailer in Montreal. (summer 1995).
A Red Star Express tractor pulling an Overland Express trailer on way to New York state. (Montreal winter 1994). TNT Overland Express interline with TNT Holland Motor Express in Detroit, Michigan. (TNT Holland Romulus terminal winter 1992).

Overland Western was hauling transborder freight between Ontario and some midwest states. Line up of Overland Westen tractors at Flint, Michigan terminal. (Spring 1996). During the 80's and part of the 90's Ford model LT9000 (105 BBC) was the backbone of the TNT Overland fleet. However the company operated a very small number of LNT9000 (92.3 BBC) as shown above, through the Overland Western division. (Flint, Michigan spring 1996).

A special commodities load out of Overland Express Montreal terminal. (summer 1993). Inherited from the Champlain-Sept-Iles era, TNT Overland hauled refrigerated freight to northern Quebec in these three axle trailers. (Overland Quebec City terminal spring 1999).
Containers drayage in metropolitan Montreal. (winter 1993)

Yard shunters at work in Oshawa flow through terminal which serves the GM Autoplex. (spring 1995). An old timer International Fleetstar-A shunting trialers at Overland Express Windsor terminal. (spring 1999).

Toronto terminal was the heart of TNT Overland Express operations. (spring 1995). Quebec City terminal, small and rustic, was the base from where Champlain-Sept-Iles Express and after 1986 Overland Express served Northern Quebec. (fall 1994).

International 4000 Series tractor diverted from Texport Division. (Overland Toronto terminal spring 1994). O/O tractor leased to TNT Dedicated Services Division out of Overland Toronto terminal on way to Chicago, IL. (spring 1997). A new Westerm Star heavy duty tractor with moose bumper and three spotlights on top of the cab ready to operate on rough roads of northern Quebec. (Overland Express Montreal terminal summer 1993).
O/O Tro Air Division tractor hauling a TNT Roadfast trailer (Montreal autumn 1995). TNT Roadfast was a non-stop truckload carrier with a core business of longhaul shipments to and from western Canada. Yes it's a taxi for freight. Look at the dome light on the top of the Hino cab. TNT Taxi Truck was offering one truck, non-stop, door to door emergency service. (Montreal summer 1996). TNT Distribution Services started operations in January 1990 as a shared user distribution network. Operates today as USF Distribution. (Picture taken at McCook, IL spring 1995).
A mix of International straight trucks unloading air freight at TNT Express Worldwide facility near Pearson (Toronto) airport (spring 1996). TNT Air Express was the Canadian air freight forwarding arm of TNT Canada.

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