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LINC (Logistics Insight Corp.

LINC began in 1991 by leveraging the Central Transport automotive contracts. These contracts will be operated under different names:
(LINC (Ont), Pro Logistics, On Demand Transport, OTR Logistics…..)

Note : The following photos was taken during the 2009/2016 period.

LINC (Ont) tractor pulling an ex-Mohawk trailer, Brampton, Ontario LINC (Ont) unit leaving the Chrysler Brampton assembly plant

LGSI trailers, Windsor, Ontario

Note : LGSI Equipment as well as GLS LeasCo was the in house tractor and trailer suppliers of the numerous Centra

F.S.S. trailer, Windsor, Ontario

Note: F.S.S. (Flint Special Services) is a subsidiary dedicated exclusively to serve the GM Flint complex.

LINC (Ont) tractor pulling a F.S.S. trailer, Windsor, Ontario

Pro Logistics tractor pulling a LGSI trailer dedicated to the car seat supplier LEAR, Hwy 1-75, Michigan.

This photo is used with the permission of Greg Elgart

Part of the LINC (Ont) tractor fleet, Windsor, Ontario

Mohican Transport tractor pulling a curtain-side trailer, Dearborn, Michigan.

Note : Mohican Transport is a subsidiary of LINC (Ont)

This photo is used with the permission of Greg Elgart