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LINC (Logistics Insight Corp.)

LINC began in 1991 by leveraging the Central Transport automotive contracts. These contracts will be operated under different names:
(LINC (Ont), Pro Logistics, On Demand Transport, OTR Logistics…..)

Note : The following photos was taken during the 2009/2016 period.

LINC (Ont) tractor pulling an ex-Mohawk trailer, Brampton, Ontario LINC (Ont) unit leaving the Chrysler Brampton assembly plant

LGSI trailers, Windsor, Ontario

Note : LGSI Equipment as well as GLS LeasCo was the in house tractor and trailer suppliers of the numerous Centra

F.S.S. trailer, Windsor, Ontario

Note: F.S.S. (Flint Special Services) is a subsidiary dedicated exclusively to serve the GM Flint complex.

LINC (Ont) tractor pulling a F.S.S. trailer, Windsor, Ontario

Pro Logistics tractor pulling a LGSI trailer dedicated to the car seat supplier LEAR, Hwy 1-75, Michigan.

This photo is used with the permission of Greg Elgart

Part of the LINC (Ont) tractor fleet, Windsor, Ontario

Mohican Transport tractor pulling a curtain-side trailer, Dearborn, Michigan.

Note : Mohican Transport is a subsidiary of LINC (Ont)

This photo is used with the permission of Greg Elgart

LINC (Ont) unit going westbound through the Windsor/Detroit

On Demand Transport units HWY 1-75 Michigan

These photos are used with the permission of Greg Elgart

(235 Ko) : CTX unit leaving the Chrysler Brampton assembly plant.

Note : CTX (Critical Transportation Expert) is the emergency expedited arm of Logistics Insight Corp.

CTX unit, Windsor, Ontario (396 Ko) : In 2012, Centra give up Logistics Insight to its associated Group : Universal Truckload Services (UTSI) and all the transport operations of Logistics Insight will be consolidated under the Universal Dedicated trademark in 2015.
Unit showing the new livery, Windsor, Ontario

The past and future of Centra/LINC/Universal, Windsor, Ontario.

Note : Taking into account the thrifty minding of the Centra owner, the old yellow livery trailers should coexist with the new ones for a while.

A good exemple of worn out equipment operated by Centra/LINC/Universal, Interstate 469, Indiana.

This photo is used with the permission of Iowa80.

Windsor, Ontario.

Note : Centra/LINC (Universal Dedicated) uses 220 O/O alongside 440 owned and leased day cab tractors pulling altogether a pool of over 1,700 trailers.

Rail containers shuttle in the Windsor/Detroit area

HWY 30, Indiana

This photo is used with the permission of Iowa80

An old soldier always on duty in 2015, HWY 24, Indiana

Note : No age limit for the LINC/Universal day cab tractors even if they are used on tight schedules auto part dedicated runs.

This photo is used with the permission of Iowa80

Units going westbound through the Windsor/Detroit gateway.

Milton, Ontario

Note : An old Central Transport trailer integrated into Universal fleet

Milton, Ontario

Note : A GLS LeasCo trailer hooked to a second hand (ex-ERB) tractor

An old rebranded tractor with a new generation trailer, Milton Ontario Windsor, Ontario
Trailer Showcase

Windsor, Ontario

Note : A white LGSI trailer without the usual black & red thin strips

A GLS LeasCo trailer leased to Pro Logistics division, Milton, Ontario

Two LINC (Ont) ex- Mohawk drop-frame trailers, Milton, Ontario

Note: The trailers seems on the retirement path but who knows with the "use it as long as you can" mindset of the Centra management

Brand new Universal trailer, Windsor, Ontario

Note : The trailer shows the last update of the Universal livery which is a reproduction of the latest Central Transport configuration which shows no frill logo lettering and minimalist black wheel rims