Ford Trucks

All pictures taken by Hank Suderman

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1919 Ford TT owned by Franklin Teter from Auburn, WA
1979 Ford F-250 owned by Dale Catto from Troutdale, OR 1947 Ford flatbed owned by Carl and Margo Sorenson from Sedro Wolley, WA Ford C Series cabover. No other information on this truck.
1965 Ford F-250 owned by Jim Goodell from Eddyville, OR Ford Aeromax owned by Becker Trucking, Inc from Seattle, WA 1953 Ford F-600 owned by Bill Mortimer from Longview WA
1958 Ford F-600 owned by Richard Busek from Centralia, WA. The vehicle on the back is a 1917 Ford Model T also owned by Richard Busek. 1959 Ford diesel owned by Ray Avila from Denair, CA
1946 Ford, owned by Ed Terrile from Puyallup, WA 1941 Ford Pickup owned by Sam Parker from Sherwood, OR. This truck has only 20,120 original miles and still has the factory 4 cylinder engine and 3-speed column shift. 1926 Ford TT owned by Ken Hull of Monroe, OR
1939 Ford Dumptruck owned by Dad and Jackie Tabert from Sherwood, OR 1929 Ford delivery truck owned by Smith Farm from Alpine, OR
1928 Ford Phantom owned by Bob Erickson from West Linn, OR 1926 Ford Model T Touring car owned by Don Blatchford from Mt Angel, OR 1998 Ford Louisville with Dare trailer owned by Dave Wilson, USF Reddaway from Oregon City, OR
1946 Ford pickup owned by Dennis Wells from Inglewood, CA 1974 Ford F-250 owned by Tom Krajicek
1965 Ford F-250 owned by Jim Goodell from Eddyville, OR 1956 Ford F-100 owned by Byron Hayzlett from Portland, OR 1965 Ford E-100 Econoline pickup owned by David Wilton from Washington state
1965 Ford F-250 owne by Robert Owen from Portland, OR 1932 Ford BB owned by Jean McBride from Columbia City, OR 1955 Ford F-100 owned by Dale Callen from San Marcos, CA
1950 Ford F1 owned by Pat (couldn't read the last name) from Covington, WA 1926 Ford TT owned by Jack Etzel from Portland, OR 1946 Ford 1 1/2 Ton owned by Howard Steele from Monroe, OR

1926 Ford Model T pickup owned by Ken & Elaine Goudy from Oregon City, OR
Elaine Goudy sitting at the ATHS hospitality table with the Goudy Model T in the background.
Ken & Elaine have this great partnership with the "T". Ken drives it, and Elaine washes it and cranks over the engine.

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