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In the thread there is also some recent info on the famed "Mighty Mite" 1/4 scale Peterbilt trucks built for P-I-E.

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Peterbilt 75th Anniversary Truck Show Photos
Trucks Entering the Truck Show
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Photos at the Truck Show
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Here are some pages from some old Peterbilt brochure. These are from Ken Goudy's Collection.
Here are some Peterbilt ads from a Motor Transportation magazine. These are from Ken Goudy's Collection.
A 1966 Peterbilt ad from Motor Carries magazine. This is when the Peterbilt trucks were first available in Canada. Here is a 1948 Peterbilt ad from a trucking magazine. This is from Ken Goudy's collection.
A Peterbilt cabover captured along the Feather River canyon in California in 1980. 3-Way Van Lines Peterbilt taken in Vancouver, BC in 1986.
Taken in Vancouver, BC in 1987. Taken in Vancouver, BC in 1987. Taken in Vancouver, BC in 1987.
1938 Fageol taken at Heindrick AG Center, Woodland, CA.
1939 Peterbilt, taken at Heindrick AG Center, Woodland, CA.
1939 Peterbilt, taken at Heindrick AG Center, Woodland, CA.
1948 Peterbilt, taken at Heindrick AG Center, Woodland, CA.
1956 Peterbilt tanker taken at Peterbilt dealership near Port Kells, BC.
1956 Peterbilt tanker taken at Peterbilt dealership near Port Kells, BC.
1979 Peterbilt B-Tain taken at Peterbilt dealership near Port Kells, BC. Here is a Peterbilt belonging to TWT, that was sitting in a rest area in Oregon 1999.
Milne Peterbilt cabover taken in 1983 on I-5 in northern California. Two views of the Peterbilt full truck and trailer taken near Oregon City, OR in the mid 1980's.
Here is a Peterbilt cabover taken in Anaheim, CA in 1976.
Here is a picture of a Peterbilt model 351 tank truck. This picture was taken in Washington state in 1980. By the looks of where the logo was on the tank, this unit has been one of L&E Tank Lines units.
This photo is from Kim Loeb from Denmark.
Here is a picture of a Peterbilt laying over at the Husky truckstop in St. Catherines, Ontario in May 1978.
This is from Robert Archer's collection.
Here is a picture of a pen and ink drawing of a LASME Peterbilt. Ken Goudy Collection. Here is a picture of a LASME Peterbilt "Bubblenose" truck and full trailer. This is part of Ken Goudy's collection. Here is a picture of a Peterbilt belonging to LASME, pulling a set of double trailers.Ken Goudy Collection.
A 1955 Peterbilt pulling a 40-foot trailer in the Rockies. The trailer has sliding wheels set on trailer. Ken Goudy Collection. This is a Portland-Seattle Auto Freight Peterbilt "Bubble Nose" pulling a set of double Brown trailers. Ken Goudy Collection. Here is a drawing of a Peterbilt bubblenose tractor, pulling a set of hopper trailers. Ken Goudy Collection.
This rig is about a 1952 Peterbilt hauling for Tea Garden Products. Ken Goudy Collection. A late 1950's Peterbilt pulling one heavy load. I'm thinking that there could be a problem in this picture.This picture was taken in Spokane, WA. Ken Goudy Collection.
Here are three pictures of a Peterbilt hauling for Trans Western Express loading a container at Tillsbury Industrial Park in Delta, BC.
This Peterbilt dromedary was loading in Mississaugo, ON in 1994. Robert Archer Collection. A sign of Spring. This Peterbilt arrived from Florida with a boat going to Lake Ontario. The picture was taken at Port Credit, ON in March 1995. Robert Archer Collection. This reefer unit was seen running on Trafalgar Road near Oakville, ON in 1996. Robert Archer Collection.
This Peterbilt was leased to Triline of Calgary, Alberta in February 1994. Triline runs across Canada and the western USA. Robert Archer Collection. In February 1995, the same tractor was leased to Melburn Trucklines of Mississauga, ON. Melburn runs the Eastern USA from Ontario. Robert Archer Collection. This US based Peterbilt was hauling an insulated pneumatic tank trailer at Mississauga, ON in 1996. Robert Archer Collection.
Here is an early 1980's Peterbilt, which is owned by Rod Pickett. This nice looking Peterbilt works five days a week hauling cars. Dean Docter Collection. Here is a picture of a 1997 Peterbilt that was owned by Dean's Father, Art. This Peterbilt pulled a 57 foot Roller van in California, Arizona and Nevada. Art Docter Trucking was leased to Dirksen Transport, which is based out ot Manteca, CA.  
These pictures show a 1999 Peterbilt owned by Terry Miller of Cloverdale, BC. These were taken at a Show & Shine held in Langley, BC on September 17, 2000. Here is a Peterbilt that Mike Andrus drove last summer for his summer job while attending Brigham Young University. The photo was taken in Idaho Falls, ID in the summer of 2001.

T  H  E  S  E    P  E  T  E  R  B  I  L  T    M  O  D  E  L    I  D  E  N  T  I  F  I  C  A  T  I  O  N  S    C  A  M  E    F  R  O  M    A    B  R  O  C  H  U  R  E    F  R  O  M    B  A  R  R  Y    B  E  R  T  R  A  M

One rainy Sunday in April 2003, one of my neighbors had guests over and one of them brought this find looking Pete. Stefan lives in Switzerland. Last year he stayed three weeks for a holiday trip in Colorado and was lucky to get a picture of this outstanding moving truck. Stefan Wagner Collection.

This is a 1989 Peterbilt 50th anniversary Colin Fletcher drove it for another owner in 1990 in Sacramento CA. It was the original truck for the Peterbilt ads in 1989. Peterbilt hauled a 1939 Peterbilt in a curtain van for almost a year to truck shows and truck stops. The Ex owner bought in 1990 at the San Jose CA Peterbilt. It had 18 speed with a 444 cummins with 390 rear end. Here is a picture that was submitted to me of a really sweet looking Pete. I don't know who sent it, but his email address is on the picture.

The owners name is John Kimball He also has two others that are just as nice They run from Homestead florida to Waterford Wisconsin.

Multiple shots of a new Peterbilt taken at a Peterbilt dealership in the 60's. Larry Choate Collection.

Here are some views of the 1986 Peterbilt run by Ricky Mitchell Transport Inc. They were taken on The Queensway in Toronto on September 28, 2003. Photos by Robert Archer.

This is my 2000 Peterbilt with a 140 inch Double Eagle custom sleeper i run from Miami, Florida to Waterford, Wisconsin every week. N.J. Kimball Collection.
2000 Pete on with Mill Creek Motor Freight. LeRoux Family Collection. Jeff took a picture of this Pete complete with spinners. 1996 Peterbilt 379 Canadian Classic interior with a 500 Cat 14 front and 46 rears its on for Tank Truck Transport out of Kleinburg, ON. This picture was taken in Coniston, Ontario near Sudbury. Roger Chamberland Collection.
Owners: Kenny & Rhonda Reagan of Livingston, TN
1969 "Little Window" Extended Hood Peterbilt 358M
400B Model CAT
6x4 Spicer Transmission
Hauls cattle to Kansas, Tennessee and Colorado and pulls reefer to Georgia and Alabama
Picture was taken in Livingston, TN during the summer of 2004
Owners: René Mineault & Louise Cléroux of L'Ange-Gardien (Outaouais) Québec Canada
January 28th 2005 over 2,000,000 milles on it, all original, motor have never been touched...
Jonah Barnes is located in southern Arizona and uses his truck for local hauling and just to have plain FUN!!! Jonah just did all the bodywork and painted it himself.
1983 Peterbilt we imported to Norway 3 years ago (2002). It has ben restored in norway. Everything but the gearbox and axles has been given the shine and function back. It has a Cat engine, Eaton roadranger gearbox, homemade 8" stacks, homemade Texas bumper, Alcoa etc. Most of extras comes from 75Chromeshop and Pink Ligthning. Photo by Kent Erik Sørlie.
Dave Faltermeier's 359 Pete. Dave drives it every day around a 300 mile radius of Kansas City, hauling paper products to different suppliers. Nice looking Peterbilt 379 from TMG Logistics from Surrey BC. Taken at the Surrey Peterbilt Pacific dealership on March 31, 2007
2007 Peterbilt 379 Legacy Class Edition taken at the Surrey Peterbilt Pacific dealership on March 31, 2007
Peterbilt 379 Legacy Class Edition logos
This is my employer's Dad's truck he bought it in 1957. He worked it for years and then sold it. We found it last year (2006) and restored it. Tommy Allen Collection.
Frank Bell's 1982 Petebilt 362. The paint and custom work was all done by Pickett Custom Trucks Here is a photo of my 2001 Peterbilt 379 pulling a 2010 Sidumpr Trailer. The truck and trailer belong to Arrow Alaska Transportation, based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Photo was taken at Gunsight Mountain, Alaska. Frank Blood - owner/operator

Some of the new Vedder Transport Peterbilt milk haulers
with Natural Gas Cummins engines
Vic Goertzen Collection

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