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International Paystar 5000 Utility Truck at an auction in Kansas City of 05 Builders Choice Concrete. Autocar 6x6. St.Joseph MO. Cline Dump Truck use to belong to Apac Reno of Overland Park, KS. Now sits in a junk yard in Wellsville, KS.
Clear Lake, IA. FWD City Department
These are pictures of Kenworth 6x6's from an auction held in Kansas City of 2005
These are pictures of Kenworth 6x6's from an auction held in Kansas City of 2005
Hendrickson Tow Truck was sitting beside a garage in Clear Lake IA. Loch Construction Mack 6x6 Kansas City MO
Mack 6x6 Boom Truck. Picture taken at Fleet Body and Equipment Kansas City MO A 1985 FWD Plow Truck 1 of 2 located in St.Joseph MO. And is 1 of 5 in the state.
These OshKosh trucks were sitting at a dealer lot in Clear Lake IA.
OshKosh truck sitting at a dealer lot in Clear Lake IA Larkin Excavating Peterbilt 6x6
Damon Pursell Construction from Liberty MO Mack 6x6 Water Truck International Paystar 5000 6x6, at a lot in Kansas City KS Peterbilt 6x6 Water Truck belongs to Loch Sand & Gravel, Maryville Mo.
International Paystar 5000 6x6, MODOT Plow Truck, St.Joseph MO 4x4 FWD Plow Truck one of 5 in the state of Missouri, St.Joseph MO
Peterbilt High Line Truck, sitting at Altec in St.Joseph MO Hendrickson Conventional sitting in Kansas City Mo 6x6 ex Fire Truck made into a Utility Truck, at a auction in Kansas City MO
Pictures of these trucks were taken at an auction in KC in 2005. Capitol Electric was thinning out some of there trucks and they had some very interesting equipment
International 4x4 Bucket Truck KW 6x6 KW 6x6
Ford 4x4 Truck Freightliner Bucket Truck
Old Military Truck converted into a Boom Truck International Paystar 5000 6x6 KW 6x6 Tractor
KW 6x6 Tractor KW 6x6 Tractor Dodge boom truck
International 4x4 Boom Truck Old military truck converted into boom truck Military Truck converted into a boom truck

Freightliner 6x6 at a dealership in St.Joseph MO Mack 6x6 In a lot in KCMO Capital Electric, old army truck made into a boom truck.
Here are some pictures of some Concrete Trucks that belong to Dupuis out of Greenwood MO
KW W900S KW T800
Sterling Row of trucks
More photos of the auction in KC
Peterbilt 6x6 in a lot in KCK International Paystar 5000 6x6, in lot in KCK 4x4 Freightliner Bucket Truck
Ford F700 Boom Truck Ford C-Cab Bucket Truck
Ford 4x4 F800 International 4x4 Boom Truck Chevy C60 Boom Truck
Ford LN8000 Bucket Truck Larkin Excavating Peterbilt 6x6, Leavenworth KS Capital Electric KW 6x6
Oshkosh 4x4 in a dealer lot in KCK FWD 4X4 snow blower in Paolo KS FWD 4x4 that has not been refurbished yet. Also in St.Joseph MO
These are all Macks owned by Damon Pursell Construction. From Liberty MO
International 6x6's sitting in a lot in Kansas City KS

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