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In September 2006 Casey Hull invited me to take a ride in the coast range mountains and deliver a Thunderbird yarder
This is the load a 138,000 Lbs Thunderbird TTY-70 Yarder
Casey is unhooking the jeep as some of the turns are to tight and won't allow for such a long load. Most of the weight is on the rear axles of the trailer and booster.
Uncoupling the jeep
Parking the jeep Jeep is uncoupled and Casey is backing up to the trailer to recouple truck and lowboy.
The drive up the mountain we meet some log trucks coming down
Casey making a tight turn
More log trucks coming down the mountain Tow truck
We needed additional power and traction to get up some of the grades
We lost a mud flap on this dip in the logging road. The main transmission shows a very warm gear box
We have arrived

Unloading process

The Thunderbird TTY-70 Yarder

Recoupling the Jeep to the lowboy trailer Here is "The Team"
Left to right: John, Tracy, Casey and Mouse
It was a fun adventure and I want to give thanks to Casey Hull for the rememberable day!!

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