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Tombstone Pass Run 2010

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Three trucks departed from the farm of Neils Jensen near Jefferson, Oregon
Riding with Neils in his 1964 Kenworth  
It was a beautiful sunny day for the third "Tombston Pass" Run. The first year, 2007, there were only six trucks. From what I understand this adventure evolved over coffee one morning with Keith Cowan and Roger Emmert.
Staging area at Sweet Home, Oregon
Keith Cowan and his 90 year old Dad, rode together in Keith's 1952 Kenworth
This year I got to ride in Roger Emmert's 1950 Autocar log truck. Not only looked good buy sounded great. Roger was busy shifting gears most of the time and telling me about some of the adventures of Tombstone Pass.
Pictures inside Roger's Autocar
Going over the summit of Tombstone Pass

Pulling in fr a needed rest stop

Arriving at the parking lot for a fantastic Bar-B-Q

29 trucks successfully arrived at the parking lot

What a great Bar-B-Q. Some wonderful homemade dishes, even some hand cranked fresh ice-cream...Yummy!!!

A big THANKS to all and especially Keith and Roger who paid for the grub.
With this many people we will have to pass the hat next year to help out.

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