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Vancouver Island Road Trip & McLean Steam Mill Truck Show 2010

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An adventure with Hank (Hank’s Truck Pictures)
Approaching the ticket booth at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal for out ferry to Vancouver Island
Hey Hank you have one light out in your brake light on the canopy
Hank on his i-thing texting his daughter
while waiting in the lineup for the ferry
Hank made certain we got up before the sun rose. We got to the ferry lineup in time to watch the sun come up.
What would we do without our technical devices?
Hank and Pat have lost use of their iPhones Who says it's only the young folk
who are always on their electronic devices
The weather was perfect for our ferry trip to Vancouver Island Hank taking picture of Pat taking picture of Hank
We travelled on one of BC Ferries newest ferries
'Coastal Inspiration'. A very beautiful ferry.
With the recommendation of an Island friend, we stopped at Island Timberlands yard to take some pictures.
That is Hank beside the old logging arch.
Eventually we were rewarded with a passing log truck on its way to dump a load of logs at a dry sort The drive along the highways on Vancouver Island are very scenic.
Here we are following Hank & Virginia to Port Alberni.
The sign in the right picture tells us that we are entering The Alberni Valley
The junction of Pacific Rim Highway (#4) and the Port Alberni Highway. That's an awesome looking Kenworth dump truck. Photographing Hank
photographing the Port Alberni train station.
Steve Drybrough with 'Cinderella' getting ready to take her to the McLean Mill for the truck show
1912 'Mann' steam truck from England.
The 'Mann' is from the Duncan Forest Museum and was resently restored there.
Hank Suderman doing what he loves to do,
taking pictures of trucks.
An old ice house at the McLean Steam Mill
On Friday trucks started arriving at the mill for the Labor Day Weekend truck show Steve backing into 'his spot' for the truck show 1947 Hayes and a 2011 Kenworth T-800
Kenworth, Mack and Volvo had trucks displayed
Labor Day weekend was also Salmon Derby in Port Alberni, the Bar-B-Q was delicious. Sunset over Port Alberni Hank and our wonderful wives
who put up with all our trucking adventures.
Okay, there always has to be a clown in the photo

Jamie Bracht (L) and Steve Drybrough (R) Some of the All American Toy Co.  team based in Canada. These volunteers worked hard setting up this sandbox so the kids would have some fun playing with vintage metal toys….Thanks guys.  
Patrick Russell still plays with trucks I remember these trucks; I had one as a kid. Boys and Girls enjoying the trucks
The sandbox was a hit with young and young at heart

Trucks on display at the Labor Day Weekend event at the McLean Steam Mill at Port Alberni
1963 Kenworth LW
owned by the Rankin Family
from Duncan, BC
The 'business end' of the
1974 Kenworth LW
owned by the Rankin Family
from Duncan, BC
Gord Isaacson with his 1972 Canadian Kenworth LW-924
Bruce Adams 1951 Pacific heading out for the parade through Port Alberni 1974 Kenworth LW
owned by the Rankin Family
from Duncan, BC
1955 Hayes Clipper owend by Ross Stevens 1947 "Pedneault Hayes" 1939 Ford Fire Truck
1973 Pacific P9
owned by Chuck Carosella from Lady Smith, BC
1967 Hayes HD 3370
owned by Jim Falconer from Port Alberni
1952 LMSWL Mack - Elk River Timber #7
owned by Steve Drybrough
from Port Alberni
1972 Hayes HD
owned by Steve Drybrough from Port Alberni
1957 Hayes HD
owned by Omer Pelletier
1958 Kenworth
1947 Hayes log truck
owned by Vic Laughlin
1966 Hayes Clipper
owned by Vic Rowlinson
from Port Alberni, BC

The demonstrations showed what live steam powered equipment can do
Some pictures of the Heel-Boom
Steam Donkey 1929 Hayes-Anderson under the heel boom.

Some posed shots of Gord Isaacson's 1972 Canadian Kenworth LW-924

Fine dining at Swale Rock restaurant in Port Alberni
Ginny and Hank Suderman enjoying dinner after a day at the truck show. We had to get a picture of Steve Drybrough's Hayes HDX that he drives daily at work. This was taken in the same restaurant that we had dinner.

Thanks Hank & Ginny, it was a memorable adventure we will always fondly remember.

Patrick and Janet Russell

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