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Memorable Day with David & Cody Hull
February 2007

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Kenworth Trucks

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During February 2007 Hank Suderman had some vacation time and so he contacted me (Patrick Russell) to try to arrange a day at their property. On their property they have a still working steam mill as well as a logging company. Well the day was arranged and here are pictures from that day, February 27, 2007.
David Hull, Cody Hull and Patrick Russell

David Hull showed us around his "toy room" and showed us his collection of toy trucks.

David has an extensive collection of All American Toy Company logging trucks Patrick Russell posing below many old All American Toy Company toy trucks
All American Toy Company and Smith-Miller toy trucks Some classic Matchbox toy trucks and some old Revell model trucks
Not sure of the manufacturer of these GMC logging trucks Sturdi-Bilt dump truck
Not sure of this manufacturer either, but a great looking old Ford logging truck David and Cody Hull, and Patrick Russell posing in front of some of the All American Toy Company "Timber Toter's"

Mack Superliner taken near the mill These large timbers are about 2" thick and can be up to 85' long. These are used for picnic tables at many of the state parks
Some of the equipment sitting under cover near the mill
Rear area of the steam sawmill showing the sorting area and the honeycomb burner More shots of the sorting area

Here I took a bunch of progressive shots of the unloading of one of David Hull's trucks
The truck is unloaded and is on its way to load up the trailer. Then back for another load of logs.

Lots of moss on these trees David, Cody and myself followed the truck up the hill. Patrick got to ride in the logging truck. The truck had to back up a hill to be loaded
This is about as far as the Kenworth was going to back up on its own power. The view from up here was great!!
The trailer gets unloaded and hooked up to the truck
Here the Knuckleboom Loader attaches to the Lift bail Assembly to pull the trailer and truck up the hill to be loaded.
As you can see in these pictures the trailer did some twisting around as it was pulled up the hill to the loading area.
I now have a better respect for the strength of the pintle hook on the rear of the truck.
Link Belt 2800 with Logman processing some of the cut logs
The yarder is pulling logs out of the revene so the log loader can load the truck
The truck is now loaded and the driver pulls the truck away from the loader and secures the load of logs
As the truck starts down the hill, the yarder and log loader arrange the logs for the next load

We arranged with the driver to stop and certain spots as he came down the hill to take pictures. So we were on the CB with him a lot as we came down hill.
Here we are near the mill for some more posed pictures of the loaded truck

I think David told me that this is a 1968 Kenworth logger
A view of the saw mill and the freshly fallen snow on the hills in behind the mill

It is always fun looking through the bone yard around trucks. This bone yard has some great old iron in it.

I got REALLY excited when I saw these old Kenworth loggers. This is almost the exact same model of Kenworth that my Dad drove in the later 40's and early 50's for Decco-Walton. So I was sure to get lots of pictures of these trucks.

Here we see an old 220 Cummins with custom-made headers. David Hull told me that the engine doesn't even should like a 200 anymore.

Here are some shots of Casey Hull's Kenworth trucks

While Hank was busy taking pictures of trucks, Pat was busy taking pictures of Hank taking pictures.
By the look on Hank's face, the picture must have turned out okay

Various shots taken inside the steam mill. Too bad it was down while I was there. They had a mechanical failure and it was being repaired.
Look at the date on this block of concrete. It reads, "February 1939." That's how old this mill is.

Look at the fine artistic work on the signage on one of David Hull's Kenworth T-800's
Here is the T-800 that we followed up the hill. The painting on the door was done around the time of the Comet Hale-Bopp flew over North American in 1997, so that it what the them was on this door painting.
Some views of the saw mill from outside
Some shots taken of the extreme dimension timbers that this mill produces.
In the photo at the right, I put my lens cap above the large bottom beam so you can get an idea of its size.
In the back area we saw these old "Donkey's" or "Pots"
I just had to get some pictures of this old Chevy that was almost grown over with moss

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