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Moving a 145 Foot Bridge Beam

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Steve Desjadon driver for MBI delivering one of four 145 foot long bridge beams weighing 138,000 each.
The total weight of truck and beam were 198,000.
Steve standing next to his Kenworth T-800
Driver Steve Desjadon
Three of the four bridge beams
The load is shown here secured to the jeep.
Here is a Kenworth T800 bridge beam carrier. This is a 4 axle tractor, a 3 axle jeep, a 2 axle steer dolly pulling a 3 axle jeep. Steer axle is controlled by a toggle switch on the gear stick in the truck cab.
View from under the 145 foot long bridge beam This is the shift stick and the small chromed lever is what Steve uses to steer the far back jeep/dolly. It takes a lot of skill and concentration to do both jobs with loads ranging up to 200 feet and over 300.000 lbs. The load is all secured

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