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Pacific Truck & Trailer Story
by Hank Rabe
Updated on : 03/07/2016

Pacific model P12, Engine Cummins 6-speed automatic CLBT6061-6 remote mount with torque converter, retarder. Rear axle Clark BD91,000 Planetary drive (15.033 ratio)

This Pacific P-12 was dismantled, stripped to bare metal, steam cleaned, sand blasted, New Primer, New Paint, New Undercoating on cab, Prior to primer & paint entire truck was dry-fitted (assembled as a whole) then dismantled for the second time for primer/paint work.

The crew at Pacific Truck Manufacturing INC did a 100% job this truck is perfect and is better than any truck I have seen.
Larry McNutt beside New Pacific P12 at Pacific Truck Manufacturing Inc. Jan. 31, 2017 Side engine panel on Hood
Model built by Roy Harker 1974 P-10 on front bumper of P12
P12 coming out of shop
Cory Ellwyn, Larry McNutt and Roland. Rolland was the man in charge of building this truck. Rear suspension

Hank Rabe received these pictures from Smith Wells, Capstan Hauling, Grande Prairie , Alberta

Started as a Schlumberger truck in Norman Wells NWT. 3408 Cat PCTI. 450 horsepower with 12513.

After I bought it, installed a 38124 Manitex and eventually changed engine to N14 Cummins and 18 speed. 525 horsepower.

Eventually the picker had issues with the sub frame and once removed, decided to buy a tri drive as it was too heavy as a tandem/tandem.


Hank Rabe received these pictures from Smith Wells. Burnside Leasing was a company owned by Capstan Hauling and here are some pictures of their 1981 P-510 S. They bought the Pacific as a three axle truck and latter on they rebuilt it as a Twin Steer. This Pacific had a sad ending when in 1998 Capstan Hauling Shop burnt down and the Pacific was wrote off.


Departure Day May 31, 2018

Currently in the Edmonton area getting outfitted for its job.
My guess is final destination: Fort Mac

  End of an Era” photos…Rollie’s farewell to the P12…

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