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Pacific Truck & Trailer Story
by Hank Rabe
Updated on : 03/07/2016

Here are a few more Pacific's from the Kiangaroa Logging Company who were the first company to run Pacific's down here, back in the late 60's thru to the 80's. Because of the type of countryside they used to work in they were able to use 2 or 3 trailers to haul the logs out to the railhead. Certainly were an impressive looking combination in their day. Mike Beesley Collection.

Here are some Pacific truck pictures from Mike Beesley from New Zealand

Some More Pacific Trucks Taken In New Zealand from Mike Beesley


New Zealand Pacific P-12

1990 Pacific P 512 PS
35 ton end dump with Knight coal body.
Cat 3408 V8 @ 503 HP.
Allison CLBT 5960 transmission.
Rockwell FU91P front axle.
Clark BD 91,000 planetry hub reduction rear axles.
1400x25 tires and they had a 230inch wheelbase.

There were 3 of them and I think they are still in operation, 2 as dump trucks hauling around a couple of saw mills, while one has been turned into a heavy haul tractor. I am not a 100% sure on these facts though.
Mike Beesley Collection ©

These pictures were taken at the Pacific Truck and Trailer factory in 1990 when Mike Beesley came to Canada for a vacation.
Mike Beesley Collection ©
Unknown model of truck cabs
This is the start of the 6 axle concrete pumper truck that Pacific built for a customer in California.
A Pacific in the early part of the build.
A different truck frame

Pacific truck pictures from Mike’s 1990 trip to the Port Alberni area. Mike Beesley Collection ©
Pacific P-510 S at the log dump
Pacific P-9 Pacific at the log dump Pacific P-510 S at the log dump
Some Pacific logging trucks from the Mike Beesley Collection ©

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